Monday, March 10, 2014

UFO finally finished: New Look 6227/0913 Cape

Dear readers,

Sorry for the delayed postings I've been traveling for work.  And, some news to report.  About three weeks ago I finished a cape I delayed on.  I didn't like it at the finish -- but as we draw closer to St. Patrick's Day I am finding myself liking it much more!
I really thought I didn't like this cape at first.  I had so many problems in the execution.  I made the underlining too thick, and the cape felt very tight.  There are bumps on my shoulders that no amount of ironing (with appropriate tools/hams, etc) could eliminate.  I ended up making the inserts the correct length.  I tried following the pattern review tips to shorten but I felt they were too limiting.
 I do think the back length is good.  I had a limited amount of fabric -- so I could either make a cape or a skirt.  I'm regretting not making the skirt however.
 Why, oh dear god why, did. I. pick. red. lining?  Ok, now I remember it was just before Christmas -- that was very very ill timed. I would recommend something a bit less festive.
Here is the picture on my PGM form with the hand-sewn frog closures.   Would I make this again -- probably not.  The Sewing Lawyer's Fabulous Cape- -that is what I should have executed.  I sometimes just want something to hide in comfortable.  On the other hand, J. loves it -- very vintage feel.  But, I think it will get limited wear, unfortunately.

How am I coming on the Funky Grandpa -- well, dear readers I am scheduled to finish this by the end of March (blocked and all).  I am loving it so far but it is ALOT of knitting.
Great sweater -- I thought I would immediately make two or three -- but I can see taking a small knitting break (to sew).
Finally, I'm working on a vest for J. for stage -- New Look 6166, Style C out of Tan Tweed (upper right corner photo in brown or on male model).
P.S.  I made a fabulous trip to Mood, I'll have to tell you all about it!  Here is a sneak peak below: