Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yeah Super Buzzy!!

Dear readers,

Hooray - a new Japanese fabric and yarn store only a mile from my house!! I'm so happy!!

Now, I have to get the word out!  The owner, Kelly is fantastic - and has run an successful Japanese fabric internet business for quite some time now (over 6 years) - check out Super Buzzy - I'm just thrilled she has a store front on Main Street.  If fact I've bought from them online - and she has the best selection of Japanese fabrics - I've even purchased from her before.

I bought some fabrics with the intention of making and posting some pictures of bright summer shirts/dresses!

Extra wide cotton

Soft Gauze (linen cotton)

In all honesty - I'm happy our little hippy beach town of Ventura is inspiring artful entrepreneurs to start up their own shops!!

This made my day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beach Quilt!

Dear readers,

I am an impatient quilter and am happy to be finished.  It was a beautiful day today (but cool) down at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura.  Since I have the day off - I headed down to take some pictures:

 The quilt is just sewn and remains unwashed.  Of course I did sew it using steam pressing (against my local quilt shop owner's wishes).  It should look even better when washed!
 I could have designed some abstract design on the back - but was simply too lazy:)
 If it was a bit warmer I could have stayed out all day.
 Wonderful breeze.
 Our little bridge connected the two beach state parks in Ventura.
 Close up of the straight line stitching.  Not perfect.  But I enjoy the imperfections.

The Bernina 430 is really as good as they say for quilting - a beautiful stitch.  I think the all metal insides make a big difference - especially in the bobbin.
Wow!  I wish I were in the water.  I'm a bit fatigued from a hike in the Santa Monica mountains yesterday.

P.S.  This was number 15 on my 2012 "to do" list.  I've since scratched two - three entries as my sewing needs have changed.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marfy? Yeah or Nay?

Dear readers,

I am certainly in love with some of the the new Marfy designs - although I have not sewn with them yet.

First - here are some of my favorites for Spring/Summer:

Marfy 2540:  A wonderful coat - I'd love to make this.

Marfy 2763 - Color blocking - so in this year and traditionally this style is flattering on me - I can see this in a sporty type of wicking fabric for the summer.
 Marfy 2798:  I again, love the suggested color-blocking - and I am dying to make an off-the-shoulder dress such as this.
 Marfy 2828:  I love the cowl top -  It just looks so comfy.

Now, I use a custom flat pattern (or sloper) for my body to modify the patterns.  So, the no hem allowance, no seam allowance, pre-cut isn't seemingly a big deal.  With Marfy (as I understand it) you must also figure out how it goes together (which is fine with me) - that is to say - no directions.  They are apparently Italian high fashion patterns that are for the "experienced sewer."  Well, I've always been one to jump off the deep end of things. 

My big concern is price?  Do these patterns go on sale - they are about 16 - 18.00 each (a bit steep) in my book.  Any tips?  I'm not even sure my local Joann carries them (or any store nearby). . .

I'm interested in any experience anyone can share. 

So, what do you think?  Yeah!  or Nay?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Almost finis

Dear readers,

I've been halfway through finishing the quilt for about a week - overloaded with work concerns right now.
I'm ready to finish and engage on more clothing related work (and perhaps some bicycle accessories) . . .

Here are the pictures of where I'm at - as you can see I'm using the straight line quilting method to retain the modern geometry of the quilt:

Hope all is well for you!  I hope to finish today or no later than the end of the week!
Happy April 1st!