Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage U.S. Navy Uniforms Part I

Dear readers,

You may or may not remember me mentioning this - but I'm a retired Commander in the Navy.   A bit shocking, I know.  As such, I'm a bit obsessed with the uniforms and the changes that occurred specifically to women's uniforms.  And, I am surprised at the decrease in quality between the current uniforms (both design, fit and sometimes, construction) as compared to the uniforms women wore in the WWII era.  These are two examples of women's uniforms in seersucker from that era.  Beautifully tailored.
According to the U.S. Navy historical website:

Women officer uniforms were upgraded during the war years. There had been little precedent for women’s wear in the Navy since World War I; therefore a panel of civilian experts in the design and fashion field was called upon to create a set of uniforms which when devoid of buttons and braid would correspond to a smart businesswoman’s suit. Their efforts resulted in the present single breasted blues and whites worn by women naval officers. The Nurse’s hat continued as a visorless duplicate of the males during this period and the Nurses retained a double breasted blue jacket. (It is interesting to note, however, that women’s regulations were published separately from their male counterparts. It was considered that the great influx of women into the service was only a wartime oddity and would recede when hostilities ceased.)

Women’s uniforms were the same for officer, chief, and other enlisted, differing only in rank identification. Work uniforms included a coverall and slacks for use when the skirt was inappropriate. 

Look at the picture below - wonderful piping detail and tailored sleeves.
You can see the princess cut in the back as well - very unusual in uniforms today.
A closer picture of the seeksucker and princess seams.
Beautiful collar and princess seaming.
Again - look at the contouring of the princess seam - you can see the serging on the inside.  This was apparently a working uniform rather than a dress uniform.
Beautiful piping for work uniform.
Below is a a more dress suit type of uniform - again, seersucker.  Look at the full skirt - unusual for today.
Beautiful pockets and again, princess seams.
Here was the display (in Pensacola)
A historical man's uniform below:
A pilot/bomber cover (hat) below:
Here is the flight suit - an older version from WWI.
And, some frivolity.  The men's mess dress with "hidden" Hawaiian sleeves.  Of course, this isn't vintage.   Taken from the uniform shop in Pearl Harbor.
I'd like to make a reproduction seersucker suit - it is on my "to do" list.  I have a Brooks Brothers modern suit - but it is not at all close to the tailored construction of the 50s.  

More on Navy women's uniforms will continue in future posts!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yoga Socks - and back! (From my travels)

Dear readers,

Sorry about the long absence.  I've been traveling for work - which makes sewing very difficult - not to mention blogging.  I did complete, however, some yoga socks.  And, I've tried them out in Pilates on the Tower/Cadillac - and I can report they are effective!
Yes, I was photobombed as normal.  I used sock yarn - and it took quite some time to finish!  I used tiny needles size 1 - 2.25.
The pattern was free - here is the link for Patron Yoga Sock #153- but you will have to join the Patron Site to view the pattern, I believe.
And, my link to my ravelry site and project information:  PammieandthePs Ravelry Page.

Again, more posts are forthcoming - I'm home for awhile!  Hurray.  I've been doing mending since arriving home on Friday, and loving it.   Note, I bought the new Threads while delayed at the SFO airport on Thursday (amazing they carried it at Hudson News), and really soaked every word up.