Monday, June 13, 2011

My little sewing space . . .

Dear readers,

I try to blame my lack of sewing mojo on excessive travel; but really, I had trouble setting up my sewing machines each time to sew.  So, with a little re-arranging - voila!  A dedicated sewing space!

Below:  My stash (I keep it scaled down since I live within an hour to LA's fashion district (unlike my quilting days) and a selection of patterns.  I also organize the stash by: knits, bottom shelf, wovens, second shelf, home decor (canvas, heavy linen), third shelf, and sport material, top shelf.
We live in a small house overlooking the ocean on a hillside - so space is at a premium in our world.  It may be small but I love this little area.

Below: On the window-sill, I see I need an artbin for my serger spools.  I use an old stainless steel table as my cutting table (with the wheels off).

As you can see by the oak tag paper - I'm in the middle of a continued pattern-making class at Sew LA, consisting of making a sloper for the bodice, and learning more about fit and the art of making a pattern.
A small reading area:
A larger perspective below
My main working area (I didn't think this would work but it's fine!)
During the week, I don't keep the iron out. . .
I am enjoying my pattern-making class - it's nice to be able to understand how and why adjustments are made.  My normal method is to break out the FFRP and use those adjustments to my pattern pieces.

Very predictably, I also learned that I wear the wrong bra size (THAT is such a cliche').  With all the bodice measurements - it was very nice to have a third party measure me (other than J. (do you trust your partner to measure you accurately?)).  Well, he had good intentions; he's very helpful marking hems and finding buttons.  Did I mention that he wouldn't mind a full wardrobe made by me?  Something to think about.

Next up:  two book reviews - one new - one a bit older (I mean, vintage).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sojo Shorts

Dear readers!

My sewing mojo ("sojo") continues. . . . I finally finished my Kwik Sew shorts this weekend!  I lost one of the buttons for the final finish but luckily J. found it vacuuming on Monday morning!  I present to you Kwik Sew 3854 View B:

 Here is a view of the waistband - it's a bit high but I lowered it an inch as an alternation:

Other changes:  Took out at least 5/8 inch out of both sides (and I think I can take the buttons over a half of an inch).  I always seem to make my clothes slightly too loose!  Do you?

The obligatory booty shot:

My other alterations include I carved out the crotch seam deeper in the back of the short - J. Stern suggests this in her jean tutorials - and she states that jean designers do the same - I always wondered why my RTW jeans fit so well.   By the way, her website is JSterns Designs.  Her jeans tutorials start around April 2009 and go to Fall 2010.

Although I don't show it the insides have a clean serged finish, and I lined the pockets with red/white butterfly fabric.

Here's the package view:

I don't love this material - I picked it up on my travels for 1.99 a yard at Joann's in Brandon, Florida.  I made a muslin for these shorts and consider this to be a second muslin before cutting into some expensive technical fabric for hiking - I love the shorts and plan to make another pair.  No zippers!! Gotta love it.  I am going to Newport to teach a class and plan to take these (but not to teach in:)).  More for clam chowder after class.

This is not my style Icon (preppy Andy from The Office in his red pants):

I think my style is more laid-back skateboarder meets rock chick meets mad men styling meets backcountry hiker.  Ok, whatever that is, right?  How do you define your style?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mojo is back!

Finally dear readers,

I embarked upon some irresponsible serging and I am happy to report my mojo is back with New Look 6939.  I started late this afternoon and wore the top on my way to sushi -

The New Look top runs very large.  I have had it cut out for about 8 weeks.
I actually ran out of fabric cutting it out and added some white jersey for an additional flounce.  I cut a 16 (38 chest) and have linebacker shoulders.  Yet, I didn't fit it - merely started serging!  My bad - it hangs off one shoulder.  I bought the fabric - a jersey knit from Mood.

Here it is on the dressform:

I ran out of flounce fabric - so I picked some white jersey knit and I think it adds some interest:
At sushi:
Would I make this again?  Perhaps - it's super easy - it's not form fitting at all (just like the picture) - but I would cut a 10 I believe to ensure a better yoke fit.  Again, I wanted to get my mojo back.  Here is a picture of the pattern below:

It's wearable with a tank underneath - but this pattern has quite a bit of ease!

One question for readers:  do you press your knits as you go along?  I did the yoke (I can tell that made a difference) but couldn't tell the difference for any seams (and I serged this).

Next up:  Shorts - and some alterations and I'll be caught up on past due projects!!