Friday, October 11, 2013

Drawstrings - I'm obsessed

Dear readers,

I'm not going to lie - last year I was a bit obsessed with drawstrings and lace up ties and drafted this post.   Drawstrings?  On boots.  On the back of jeans.  On the front of jeans.   I sense some knock-offs coming out of my sewing room where I bought the pattern but have not (yet) started cutting even.

Now, a year later my drawstring mania has cooled a bit -- but I am still going to make some sailor pants from Hot Patterns!
Drawstrings, yeah or neah? 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cape - New Look 0913/6227 Tailoring Fail

Dear readers,

I am currently working on a very easy garment that I have contrived to make complex! The pattern is a cape pattern with four different looks -- I'm making View A with no collar or epaulets, and using frogs as closures.   I don't remember what inspired me to buy this pattern -- it is listed on New Look as both 6227 and 0913.
However, even though the directions are simple and do not require any facing (except for the front portions and front openings) -- I made it much more difficult.  Hey, I thought  -- I'll do a very precise job with a hand-stitched hair canvas interlining, the type of interlining in tailored jackets.  So, I hand-stitched the left side of the jacket.

Below are both sides compared:
I actually like the drape of the fabric with no interlining, see below -- much softer.
Below is the side with the hair canvas stitched in -- a bit stiff, below.  And, the hair-canvas side feels heavy when it is on.
 I really did handstitch all that canvas in -- and it's relatively expensive, so I'm keeping it either way!  May be a stash item.
I decided to line with red ambiance lining (I wish I went with another color once I got home my local fabric store only had black, red and white).
 And, I found these wonderful frogs at my local fabric store:
 Great, so now my cape will be perfect for an Irish Christmas (not the look I was going for necessarily -- darn it -- I should have gone with or waited to buy a different lining.).

I probably should have made this pattern below.  And, I think it would look fantastic in a houndstooth. Onward.
So, should I remove the hair canvas?  - I'm about to tear it out and merely go with the lining.