Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back to Bloggin'

Dear readers,

I'm sorry to say I've been very lax in posting these past two years.  It has taken me quite some time to turn the corner on my grief of losing my late partner of 12 years, J.  I also had a 'bout with a serious illness (all is well, now).  I feel like perhaps I can start posting now.  If you have experienced the loss of a family member, spouse, partner, parent or (god forbid) child - I have found certain things helpful.  A therapist, a widow's group, friends, travel; for podcasts, I liked "What's your grief?" and for books, for me (and I have probably read enough to get a Ph.D in grief) I particularly liked A grief obseved by C.S.Lewis, and Second Firsts. I also liked the (Joan) Didion books, and could appreciate Cheryl Strayed's book on the PCT but not until after a year had passed for those memoir type of readings; I needed some perspective.

Two of my favorite quotes are "No one told me grief felt so much like fear" (C.S. Lewis) & "Grief is sneaky, very sneaky  . . but life is sneaker and more alive than grief could ever be." (Second Firsts).  Although when you are in the raw mix of emotions, any quotes feel trite.

So back to the point of this blog:  I have been doing all kinds of craftsy things, and meeting my fiber goals.  I've been an active (somewhat) member of the Ventura County Handweavers and Spinner's Guild.  I have learned to weave on a rigid heddle and spin (see pictures below).  I've even been spindling, and finally I have a Mirrix tapestry loom BUT have not been successful (yet):

I've been doing all kinds of knitting, mostly hats as gifts (more on that in a later blog) and am finishing up a sweater now.  On Ravelry my name is pammieandtheps, here is a teaser but again, I will do a blog post on my adventures in knitting:
My sewing has taken a back seat to my other fiber goals but I've made a two skirts and a four blouses.  I've even made some bad forays into bra making (one successful -- one not so much).
My skirt, a rugged linen from stash, followed by a lined sequin skirt - which I completed last minute right before a party:

In other fiber-y things, I even started rug making (latch hook -- remember that?).   Yes, perhaps I've lost my mind!

Dear readers, I'm not ashamed to tell you I know a whole lot more about sheep than I ever used to.

I hope you all are well, and I've been diligently reading my bloglovin' with your wonderful posts.

See you all very soon (A presto!),