Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tent in Living Room, also known as Why I have NOT finished my Second Vogue Dress!

I want to finish before the New Year!!   But, you can see I've been up to no good with the time off :)

Dare I mention that I've been mesmorized by the snow on the mountains surrounding Los Angeles  -  I seemingly have contracted what is known in these parts as "snow fever."  Must go . . . see snow. . . 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Intermediate? Maybe, but Burda Newbie

Hello Readers,

I guess everyone is preparing for the New Year - I've still had trouble finding time for sewing.  I changed my rating on Pattern Review to Intermediate, one step up from Advanced Beginner.    I'm now doubting that.  I've joined the Burda Pants Sew-Along from The Cupcake Goddess.  However, it has been an uphill slope:

First, what have I signed up for?

Second, I finally used highlighter to mark the pieces, but realized there is a pattern piece number 2 black, number 2 yellow, number 2 green. Oops.  Mine are pieces 1 - 5 black.  I then used a black sharpie (not the recommended method to show the correct pieces). 

This is a tall pattern, hurray!  Perfect, seemingly, for me.  And I plan to trace it out  -  any tips from anyone? I've never cut out a Burda.  According to the sew along - we're using 1" seam allowances generally and 5/8 SA for the crotch seam. . .  again, any tips are appreciated. . . 

Finally, I'm finishing up my second Vogue dress and I wanted to post what I did to alter the pattern for the lower bust (on princess seams). On my initial muslin - it appeared the bust point was too high by just over an inch.

I used the method from FFRP (Fit for Real People) - and it worked liked a charm.  Initially I tried to "cheat" and lengthen the shoulder seam (not good).   The FFRP method resulted in an accurate and precise bustline on the princess seamed bodice.

Here I cut out and moved down the bodice point. I lowered it the corresponding distance (just over 1") and drew in the new seamlines.

Accordingly, I did the same below on the corresponding piece.

What I don't show is that I actually had to alter the horizontal bustpoint to give more room from bust point to bust point.  I was wider by 2".   I don't have pictures to show that adjustment however, but I did so by adding to the center princess seam pieces and subtracting from the side center seam pieces.

I hope to post the dress before this Holiday is over!! But with the way things are going I give that prediction a 50/50...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all!  I am thankful for many blessings in my life, for all the talented home sewers blogging and for being able to write this blog.

I haven't been posting as I've been so busy (both traveling for work and at home) -  but I am gearing back up in January - I'm taking Kenneth King's Clone Your Favorite Garment class on Pattern Review (starting January 10) and I am doing a Burda Pants Sew-Along from The Cupcake Goddess.

By the way, I did buy a ham and sew roll from The Cupcake Goddess and they are so much fun - she actually wrapped them in old patterns for mailing.  Adorable (and the smell of newly cut sawdust is to die for).

By the way, I have to give a shout out to the productive sewing blogger -
Katie's Blog.  Her blog provides me with countless tips.  Check out her blog - I highly recommend it.

A few months ago I found what I thought was a Janome-sponsored blog that gave all kinds of tips (for example, home-sewn flowers for decoration on garments) - but I've lost the bookmark!  If anyone knows of this site - please let me know!  UPDATE 12/25:  I found it - it's Janome's Sew 4 Home website - the tattered flowers I was looking for can be found there - here's an example below - I'm going to make some of these and add to my Vogue Hawaiian Dress (if I can get off the couch today!).