Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help with my SewJo!

Hello readers,

I'm planning two blog posts on finished knitted items -- the grandpa sweater and also the fingerless mitts.  But I desperately need my sewing mojo (sew-jo)  back.  I've been traveling extensively and at the same time dealing with some family emergencies.

Well, a few weeks ago -- I did buy a new pair of glasses -- this is my Gregory Peck - To kill a Mockingbird look, as demonstrated below in seersucker (this reminds me of the wonderful grey seersucker in my stash.  I have got to start sewing. . . uggg!):
I'm glad to be home and nursing quite the nasty head cold caught in Hawaii!  Day 4 1/2.

I love reading all about my fellow blogger's sewing results while I have been traveling!  Now, I'm hoping some of that excitement transfers over to my intentions.



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Dear readers,

Sorry for the absence -- I've been so busy traveling for work (not an excuse)!  I did complete my funky grandpa sweater and some fingerless mitts.  I have backlogged blog posts for sure!  I'm onto sewing as soon as I return from Hawaii this week.

Wishing all those mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!
I always did envy those abs!  My mother was a debutante and dressed in Betty Draper style until the early to mid-70s.