Friday, October 29, 2010

Vogue Pattern Bounty

Dear readers,

After work today, I jumped on down to Joann Fabric for their 3.99 pattern sale (Vogue patterns only) going on.   I needed 2 yards of muslin since I am taking a very promising Introduction to Pattern-Making class on Saturday morning in that hipster enclave of Los Angeles, Silver Lake (where I do buy quite a bit of Japanese fabric).

Here is my bounty:

Vogue 8146:

I didn't mean to purchase this - I ran across this while browsing for missing patterns in the drawers (as usual!) - I found this by mistake - I love sheath dresses - and loved the jacket on this one. . .

Vogue 8333:

A Claire Shaeffer pattern that I love!  Since I saw Erika B make a wonderful Claire Shaeffer jacket - I couldn't wait to pick this up - I want to eventually put my newly acquired couture skills to work!

Vogue 8667:

A very easy vogue pattern that I saw favorable reviewed on PR - can't wait to sew this up - plus it favors my aesthetic of perhaps vintage, yet modern. . 

Vogue 1206:

I loved the sleeves and neckline on this dress - it looks pretty easy and I've seen positive reviews on PR and my bloglist - Jonathan loves the fabric shown on the model but I certainly cannot see myself in this print!

Vogue 8688:
I like the version on the right, in yellow! I can make this quickly - and I already love a few RTW cashmere sweaters I own in this design!  I really wanted a couple of different knit patterns to be honest but they were out of stock!

In a related note:  Have you seen the option on McCall's webpage for "Printable Patterns."  Has anyone tried this option and if so, what was the result?

I can't wait for tomorrow's class!


  1. Ooh, nice haul! Have fun in your class. That sounds awesome.

  2. Very nice pattern choices. The Claire Shaeffer jacket looks fabulous. I have got the Vogue 8667 dres pattern - I'm hoping to make it soon.

  3. E - I've cut a muslin for 8667 right now:) After my class - I got my sewing mojo back and am working on the fit today!

  4. Love the patterns - especially the sheath and jacket!