Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three knitted scarves - three weeks!

Yes, dear readers,

I am addicted.   I've cut out the Jstern's khaki pants but have yet to sew them up - literally less than four hours work - at the most eight.  Can't. do. it.  Must. Knit.

So, my first scarf below, simple knit stitch to 54 inches (pattern called for 42 inches):
The sheep pin to wear it at work.
Simple Knitting started my knitting addiction, in Jacksonville in a hotel during a Hurricane.
Wonderful introductory book.  Intriguing.  Not an all-in-one comprehensive book (I bought Teach yourself visually Knitting for this purpose.").

It is a garter stitch - and Blue Sky Alpaca Metalico yarn - raw silk and baby alpaca wool.   Size 3 needles (yikes!).  This took two weeks.  I do enjoy it - I blocked it and it actually stretched quite a bit (darn it!).

Then, I took another class - a Reversible Cable Knit scarf and knitted two scarves (I've been traveling quite a bit - so I've taken up airline knitting).  I used Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky in Oscar Night and Olive - super soft.  Size 11 needles, thankfully.  I wonder why yarn found in yarn stores is so much softer and less itchy than the store-bought items?

The pattern (Reversible Cables) can be found on Ravelry from my instructor, Anne Reversible Cable Pattern.   Less than 8 hours each scarf.

Paddy didn't mind modeling.

Yes, I've given in to my knitting.  On the plus side, I no longer bite my nails - a hidden benefit!! Hurray!

Iactually have a cowl class I'm signed up for after Thanksgiving and am working on a chunky scarf right now for J. (Size 19 needles, yeah!).

Any recommendations on future knitting projects?  I'm thinking fingerless mitts/gloves.  And a slouchy cap.


P.S. My link to ravelry is HERE (pammieandtheps)


  1. Lovely scarfs, I've lost count of how many fingerless mitts I've made. I use Susies Reading Mitts its a free pattern on Raverly and I've made just as many Star Crossed Slouchy Berets also a free pattern. You're right knitting is very addicting but it products wonderful results so I say just give in to it.

  2. I love the Susie's reading mitts -thanks - I've saved it!! And, I have yarn for a slouchy beret - can't wait to make it. Yes, I am going with it!!

  3. Good on you! My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was a kid... it didn't take. I just don't have the patience. Looking forward to seeing you in your projects!

  4. Thanks! Lessons do help! I really couldn't get it without lessons - plus these scarves only took 8 ours each. . . And I'm doing a hat that is a one day wonder (Big needles and yarn).

    BTW, Great job on your weight loss LD!