Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yoga Socks - and back! (From my travels)

Dear readers,

Sorry about the long absence.  I've been traveling for work - which makes sewing very difficult - not to mention blogging.  I did complete, however, some yoga socks.  And, I've tried them out in Pilates on the Tower/Cadillac - and I can report they are effective!
Yes, I was photobombed as normal.  I used sock yarn - and it took quite some time to finish!  I used tiny needles size 1 - 2.25.
The pattern was free - here is the link for Patron Yoga Sock #153- but you will have to join the Patron Site to view the pattern, I believe.
And, my link to my ravelry site and project information:  PammieandthePs Ravelry Page.

Again, more posts are forthcoming - I'm home for awhile!  Hurray.  I've been doing mending since arriving home on Friday, and loving it.   Note, I bought the new Threads while delayed at the SFO airport on Thursday (amazing they carried it at Hudson News), and really soaked every word up.



  1. Welcome back! I thought my reader was broken or something. Cool socks - that's a lot of work!

  2. Thanks Sister - I hope you have a good trip to Japan - I'll be living through your experiences - my Japan trip was cancelled this year!

    1. I didn't know you were going - wouldn't that have been wild if we met up in a fabric store in Japan?!

  3. I know right? I was originally scheduled to go the last week of May for 10 days! That would have been hilarious. I did take a quick trip to Pensacola in April (it was very busy) but made it to the Florabama and somehow thought of you! Have fun in Japan!!