Friday, October 11, 2013

Drawstrings - I'm obsessed

Dear readers,

I'm not going to lie - last year I was a bit obsessed with drawstrings and lace up ties and drafted this post.   Drawstrings?  On boots.  On the back of jeans.  On the front of jeans.   I sense some knock-offs coming out of my sewing room where I bought the pattern but have not (yet) started cutting even.

Now, a year later my drawstring mania has cooled a bit -- but I am still going to make some sailor pants from Hot Patterns!
Drawstrings, yeah or neah? 



  1. Ummm, yes on the boots but no on the back of the pants. Although you're younger than I am, so that could still work for you. Now I DO have a pair of beachy capris that lace up the front, but it doesn't show other than the tie at the top, so it's a completely different look....

    1. Well, I'm 46 -- I may be the older one! (oops, 47). I think I'm inspired by the "rock and roll" aspect of these lace ups -- you can be 60 here (in LA) -- and still wear fur-lined boots and leather pants and fit in perfectly. I bet those capris are darling. I'm afraid that these are a bit too literal . . . I like my lace-ups to fit in with the total look. . .

    2. I'm 46 - how funny! (I thought I was 47, but I did the math again.) I forgot to take your locale into account - you can certainly get away with it in California, whereas you'd be run out on a rail here in Mobile - scandalous!

    3. A-ha! I knew it -- I thought I might be older. . my bd was last week (Oct 5). Yes, anything goes in Los Angeles area -- especially if it has a "rock and roll" edge to it! It's true Alabama is still very Southern in spirit!