Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Goals 2013 Recap -- How did I do?

Dear Readers,

Sorry for the absence, I still have not finished my remaining knitting projects and have not (yet) finished my cape -- waiting only on an hour or two's worth of sewing.  Last weekend, we had our house tented for termites (it's a California thing) and I've been busily cleaning like crazy before and ever since.  I don't believe that all those chemicals exposed in your house (even in gas form) are not harmful.    So, I didn't sew as much as I wanted to this year -- and quite frankly I'm glad 2013 is over and we're on to 2014.   

How'd I do?  

1.  Expand my knitting skills.  (Update: Completed -- I learned Continental -- made fingerless gloves, and learned to make many hats!

I have not finished the Craftsy class below -- because I signed up for a in person sweater class this winter -- I'm just to lazy to finish the video (and buy the gad zillion skeins of yarn). 
2.  Perfect a button down dress shirt.  Completed -- Pam's Craftsy class "Class Tailored Shirt" was wonderful.
3.  Make a tailored jacket - Not completed -- I didn't purchase enough material and I couldn't decide on new fabric. 
4.  Sew at least one Wearing History/Decades of Style/Hotpatterns' garment.  Completed and I absolutely love it!
5.  Stash and Pattern Busting.  Successful, mostly.  I've bought plenty of books and patterns,  but have held back with major fabric purchases with the exception of some Pendleton sale fabric from Portland and an occasional drive by at Mood.  However, I did splurge on yarn this year (and books:)).  

I made three Jalie shirts (my new favorite pattern) -- all from my stash:

6.  Expansion:  Learn to hand embroider.  Not completed.  At all.  Not even close.  

7.  Expansion:  Learn to play the ukulele - In progress -- I've learned the major chords and can play many songs (although not perfectly).  So, this is a work in progress.  Learning ukulele is like learning sewing -- it is a lifetime goal.  That said, I'm excited to see Jake Shimbukuro play right down the street from us at the Ventura Theatre in February. 

So, I didn't do too bad -- mostly because I only set five goals that were fairly easy to achieve, and even with that I felt that I was an underachiever in the sewing world this year!  I will say the projects I made -- I mostly loved and wear all the time!  I hardly have been buying any off the rack clothing (with the exception of workout gear (lululemon), which is nice change for 2013.  

How did you do?  Time for new goals!



  1. Nice job working toward your goals! It seems very satisfying to check off the completed ones.

    I am too easily distracted to consider goals, as well as being entirely too stubborn--once I decide I *should* do something (even if only because I want to) it's the last thing I want to do!

    1. Thanks! I completely agree with you! I just dislike having another "scheduled" thing in my life to schedule and plan for. So, my goals must have some latitude in them for flexibility! P.S. Love your blog!