Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new sweater, and discussion about trends

Dear readers,

I've been busy knitting away. . . I'm in the middle of the Funky Grandpa Sweater -- and it's very very exciting -- my first sweater:

All my projects can be found on my Ravelry page, linked HERE.  I'm busy customizing the fit as I sew.   

I've also finished my first stranding project that needs to be blocked - -the Wave-O-Saurus hat:
I'll post more pictures as soon as the blocking is finished - it needs a bit of shaping. 

And, I had some more yoga socks (that I gave to my Pilates instructor -- I think she was bit aghast:)). Knitting projects as gifts can be iffy!

As far as sewing, I am finishing up the lined green wool cape, I cut out a tweed vest for J. when he plays with his band (I'm stuck and need more bemberg from Mood) and finally, I do need to make some repairs. 

I've learned a little bit about a new trend in denim and jeans -- the selvedge pair.  Which is to say for jeans -- they are made out of selvedge or "japanese denim" and the wearer wears them for months without washing.  Then finally washes the jeans for a "custom" wear pattern in the denim.  I'm planning a future post with more information.

Finally, I read Madalynne's post about best sewing blogs, PART 1; PART II, then planned to post - but Carolyn came up with an excellent post Here, with her list of top sewing blogs (advanced).  I think it's worth reading and I learned about quite a few new blogs that I didn't know about.

Have a good long weekend everyone!  XOXO, P.


  1. You made me laugh out loud with the Pilates instructor comment - hilarious! Your sweater is looking fabulous, and so does that hat - you are rocking the colors. I'll have to check out those sewing blogs...when I finish the cursed beaded dress!

    1. Haha -- she said I am keeping these in the studio:) But, I gave her permission to regift.....Yes, I am waiting to see the dress! I finished a cape that was a UFO for three months and I just don't love it (ugg). But, I know your dress will be fabulous!