Monday, May 18, 2020

Review of Felix Pattern from Grainline Studio Patterns

Dear readers,

I quickly finished this shift dress, the Felix Dress, from Grainline Studio, in record time -- again the sewing for this piece (after cutting) took 2 - 4 hours.  I'm also getting spoiled by the detailed directions and sew-alongs for these independent patterns.  I think the basic sloper is great for my body (as is the Paper Theory sloper).  I bought the pattern and had it printed as Sewing.PatternReview.Com.  I've given up printing pdfs (unless bras, shorts and similar small items).  I made the longer version of the two.

The pattern photos:

I made it up in fabric from Superbuzzy that I've been dying to make.  The sizing is very very large.  I dropped two sizes to a 12 but should have cut the 10 (again!) or maybe even the 8!

I love pockets and am on a pocket blitz!

Again, I love this comfy dress -- and I can't wait to make again.  I plan to make the Grainline Studio Farrow dress as well - perhaps in a beige linen -- below:



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