Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kwik Sew Boxers 2603

Just reviewed my Kwik Sew boxers a couple of weeks ago on Pattern Review ( But these are the tried and true (TNT) Kwik Sew pattern number 2603.

A great pattern that went together well - J. has gotten a bit of wear in them and they do wear well. The only change I made was putting some lightweight interfacing in the fly area to keep it secure (and closed) unlike my famous (and actually well-received) simplicity boxes from about ten years ago. Now, I have a new pattern and orders waiting from J. and my brother PT who has always been a fan of the homemade (ie. custom) boxer:)

I broke out some new very cool fabric for a sewing machine cover today and J. was like - are you making boxers out of those (me: no, sorry!) - the fabric a bit too much like canvas - not good for boxers - I'll post when I get it done. But I'm kinda wanting to make a skirt today for me. Since I'm stuck on my last (first project for me) dress which is turning out to be a wadder.

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