Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the P's

I'm publishing this blog as a journal of my life sewing and with the P's and not so much as a political or literary or music blog. Just a fun - let's follow Pam's sewing adventures and what's going on with the Ps - the P's are my two Kerry Blue Terriers, Paddy McGee (a rescue who is almost 8) and Pixie (or "Little P"), who is almost 9 months old! Little P (Pixie) is the top picture and Paddy is below.

When I retired from the NR this weekend - Paddy and Pixie went to the Luxury Kennel. Paddy loves the Kennel though he's a bit too tired normally when he comes home; this was Pixie's first time. The Ps were only staying two nights. Well, as it turns out - it was bit terrifying for Paddy. Paddy somehow (they don't know how) got some lacerations and needed about 15 staples (pictures to follow!) The Kennel put the two dogs outside (and we want pay for inside Kennels in large dog cages). Paddy was so excited and scared.

Little P (Pixie) is shocked by the whole experience.

Their momma (me) is down at work in San Diego and they cannot wait for her to get home to visit them. So scary:) Both Ps are very cautious now and Paddy is not very hungry. But they both feel better because J. is taking such good care of them.

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