Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Jeans Hems and My First Burda Issue

Hello!  It's been a long time - I've been overwhelmed since my trip to Monterey - I know I owe a post (I have two!).  First things first.   After my trip to Monterey, I did my own "Euro-Hem" on some jeans.  Wonderful.  The Euro-Hem, which I had been paying I think 27.00 at Nordstrom to have done - is where you attach the original hem to the Jeans - not required for all jeans - but just where the original hem, I think, is unique.

I've taken some pictures below.  I can do a tutorial if you wish.

It is super easy - after doing this hem - I realize there is a tutorial in Sew Stylish, I think the Spring 2009 issue - but here's a quick explanation (and I have two more pairs to hem so I will potentially post a tutorial (that would be a third or later post)):

Have a third party, in this case, J., mark your hems when you are wearing the shoes you want.
Then, measure that distance between the fold and the original hem (least amount of distance - or in other words, the inner part of the original hem).  Cut the jeans (scary) using the distance you measured.
Then re-attach the hem as you would using a double-bias tape.  It's fairly easy - because these jeans were bell-bottoms - you can see I had to take some fabric out of the original and the inner hem does not match up (these jeans had godets).  I'm still very happy with this because I can control the length and I still think I do a better job on these jeans than the Nordstrom seamstresses.

Next time I'll do better.

 Here we're watching the 'Bama game cause if Bama wins - then my brother Todd is coming to the BCS National Championship at the Rose Bowl in January.  So, they did win and he is coming - we have tickets!!

Here is my first copy of Burda Magazine - I had to see what all the fuss was about - and I have it now!  Hurray - I'm not sure I'm making anything out of it  - a couple of things I was interested in are for kids but there is one knit top I wouldn't mind making up!
  Finally, I've been depressed (from a sewing standpoint) - I started working on a vintage project that I finished but it really didn't turn out the way I wanted - that's my next post.  I had a multitude of problems with it - and I think I picked the wrong material - but nevertheless I did finish it and will post tomorrow morning!  And I promise to be a better poster:)

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  1. What a cool technique! Thanks for sharing. Jean hems always are scary things!! Have fun with your Burda. I've only been subscribing about six months, but I've really enjoyed getting my magazine every month - even the one's I don't immediately sew from.