Sunday, April 18, 2010

A weekend of Knits

Well, I took the easy road and instead of the walk-away dress, now on hold - I completed two easy confidence building projects.  Which left me with some fun items and check, check, two projects done.  The first up, was Vogue 8634  -  made from a very golden Organic Bamboo Jersey Knit from Michael Levine in LA's fashion district.

As you can see below - it's not perfect - but hey  - what do you want in less than two hours folks (Yes, I'm serious - it was extremely easy!).

I will post more details on the sewing issues I explored on my pattern review post but suffice it to say in short:  it runs slightly large - I made a Large and should have made a Medium. I took almost 4 inches off the sides.   I used view A but ended up adding  a strip to make it longer (from View C).

In addition, since this was a jersey knit - I didn't need to serge or overcast.  I would also make the cowl differently than the pattern directions call for.  My recommendation is for a a single piece of fabric as the cowl.  The directions call for a large folded over piece.  This method makes the top too heavy.  I recently bought a cowl neck from Anthropologie below - and that was the strategy used - a single piece of jersey for the cowl - not folded over.

I chose the color to rib J.  He loves this color and every time he wears it I groan - it's his favorite color - and one I have vehemently disliked (in the past).  But, a-la, now I have my matching "J. shirt."  If you can't beat 'em join 'em.   I will make this again I'm sure - but will pick a slightly lighter fabric (this was a bit thick) and in a better color for me - probably  a blue or grey.   In all actuality - if I put a strip on it - I could wear this as my Charlie Brown shirt come October:)

I also made some Polartec Yoga pants - but I will save this for a later post!  Less than two hours again!  Yeah!  I'm all for the quick and dirty sew, readers!


  1. Awesome!! It looks great. I love a quick knit top as a sewing confidence booster.

  2. Wow - wonderful and so quick! I was amazed I finished my Jalie knit top today (total of about 4 hours over 3 days), but you've put me to shame!

  3. Thanks for the comments!! Yes, knit tops are now my favorites!! Thanks S. I can't wait to see your top - I was getting over some personal anxiety - hence, the quick sew:)