Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walking away from the "Walkaway Dress"

Well, I'm about one day (or less) from "walking away" from the walkaway dress!
The dress I'm discussing is Butterick 4790 - a reproduction pattern.  This dress definitely failed the tissue fit.  And, I'm not considering a muslin (I need a quick sewing fix!).  And I don't think I can work it out.

WRT this patter - As Gertie's Post somewhat seemingly suggested - it's not that tailored as it could be (I would suggest almost kitschy); as Katie's Blog pointed out - the pattern is extremely hard to fit correctly; and finally, as experienced sewer Rachel  pointed out - the results are iffy.   Although it was wildly popular I wonder how well drafted this pattern really was from the start. . . .

So the known problems are:  (1)  This pattern requires tons of fabric - approx. 4.5 yards; (2) Circle skirt pulls back down severely during wear; and (3) short skirt in front rides up terribly and catches the knees.   I think that sums it up.

Here's my problem  - I want to use somewhat expensive fashion fabric (Echino gauze from Japan). Below is the front piece and for the contrast fabric I have the same fabric but reverse colors.

Then I plan to line the front half to weigh it down a bit.  However, even in the tissue fitting - the back pulled way down.  The tissue fel like it was just off.  Part of the problem was the tissue included the full circle skirt.  I could easily adjust the bust darts and do a full shoulder adjustment.  My other worry is that I bought the pattern too large.  The smallest size is 16 and in this pattern I am a 12 or 14 - but can scale it down to fit, if needed.  The tissue wasn't that large - but it was wonky.

I did plan to bring up the hem to just above the knees instead of keeping it long.  I can add a crinoline if needed.  I did plan to make the adjustments that others suggest (extra buttons and snaps around the skirt) to keep the fit correct and the back from pulling down.

I also wanted to wear it with these boots!!

I just don't think this is the best option right now!  The tissue fit seemed generally "off."  What do you say readers, should I continue on - am I giving up the fight too quickly - or heed the wise bloggers advice - and walk away?


  1. Well, you know how I feel about this pattern... Walk away! And use that cute Echino for something you'll wear!

  2. You've already put a good amount of time in it... adding a lil more will result in a beautiful dress for your awesome boots.

  3. Pammie - what does your heart say about this dress? Do you really love it, do you yearn for it, do you HAVE to have it? If so, go for it. Otherwise, walk away because that fabric is too lovely to risk being wasted and you should move on to something that will do it justice.

  4. I'm with Katie because it'd be a shame to waste that fabric. I'd look for something similar that's more trustworthy.

  5. well, i made this dress two years back. i exactly know how you feel, and personally, i never was happy with how this dress came out. it was one of the first dresses i made and i wish i had made it a size smaller (stupidly enough, i was between two sizes and took the larger one.. never going to do that again, i swear!). until now, i think i have worn it once. with a wide belt to keep it in place. which is sad because it has lovely buttons in the front...