Sunday, May 9, 2010

Liberty of London Fabrics - an obsession

First, Happy Mother's Day!

About three weeks ago I developed an obsession over Liberty fabrics.  I bought the "Liberty" boots from Target for rainy days.

I also developed a Liberty Blog obsession:  I loved Gertie's Cecil Chapman Tribute Dress, re-read Eugenia's Liberty Wisdom and gazed in awe at her Shirt.   I fell in with deep admiration over Peter's Wonderful Shirt.

What have you made readers?  I'd love to know!  I'd also be very interested to see why Liberty is so special (and expensive) - is the cotton soft?  Pliable?  What is it that makes it wonderful other than the print?

It does seem that "Liberty" fabrics are all over the internet these days.  I am going to make a Liberty print - I've got to pick the right pattern first.

I've been traveling (to DC) and was unusually tired the past week so I apologize for my dearth of posts or sewing.  I didn't even visit *gasp* any fabric stores!  Crazy talk, I know!

A Liberty knit below:


  1. Seems like you are addicted to floral prints like myself :) love the fabric, can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Hi Pammie - thanks for the mention! Enjoy and indulge your Liberty obsession - it's lovely stuff to sew with and, as you have discovered, the prints are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your Liberty garment .....

  3. B- I know - I am just knocked out by LIberty right now!
    Thanks E! I have not bought any yet but am going to very soon (either in a future trip to DC) or I might try Michael Levine down in the LA Fashion District . . .

  4. I want to hear about it when you do and see what the obsession is all about - I've noticed these prints in a lot of blogs!

  5. Thanks!! I haven't bought any yet - it's 36.00 a yard!!! And that is the cheap price - I kinda want to feel it first - so I'm looking for it in the LA area . . .