Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sewing Machine Class

Well, I received a flyer from my dealer advertising a 3 hours Introduction to your sewing machine.  I've never attended, although I bought my Janome Threadbanger TB 30 late last summer.

OMG!  It turns out I wasn't threading the machine absolutely perfectly.  Second, the bobbin should only go in one direction (!!).  That's why the machine is sometimes whisper quiet and sometimes NOT!  I wasn't using the correct stitch for elastic (it's the light colored zig zag).  I wasn't using the correct stitch for knits (my machine has a modified stitch for knits/jersey instead of zig zag).  And, I was using the overlock stick which I should have been using the overcast stitch for garment making.  I also learned the concept of dropping the feed dogs:)  Well, readers, I shall not make that mistake again.

But I did get the card of a Palmer/Pletsch instructor.  I may give her a call on my way back from Hawaii.

What?  Hawaii?  Yes, I am making a last minute work trip to Hawaii.  You know what that means - I may attempt some tropical fabric shopping!  I hear Hawaii Fabric Mart is a good place to go.  And, I do remember shopping in the industrial area which seemed to be a fabric district about 10 years ago when I was quilting!  I doubt I'll go there but I'm up for Hawaii Fabric Mart - to find some good Japanese prints.

Sorry, I haven't been sewing much lately - I've just been very busy and traveling a moderate amount.


  1. BTW, I'm still looking for some Liberty fabric so I can touch it! My search continues. When I get back I am going to go to Michael Levine in LA an see if he carries it!

  2. Congratulations on really getting to know your sewing machine. I keep thinking that there's a lot mine can do that I don't really know about. Good luck with your search for Liberty fabric and have a fabulous time in Hawaii.

  3. Wow - maybe I better go see if I'm using my machine right! Maybe that's why it broke again on a thick knit! That sounds fun to fabric shop in Hawaii - take lots of pics!