Friday, June 18, 2010

DIY Straps - At least it's something

As you know I have been slow to sew on the homefront!! But I did sew some straps:)  

I bought this wonderful strapless Anthro. dress - but I hate strapless (I forgot that).  I can't hold up a strapless dress for more than 20 minutes.  Even with a sweater or jacket over. 

So, I traced some dark blue knit jersey straps from another Anthro blouse I love:

and ta-da - instead straps and really, it feels like a whole new dress.  I will post the pattern I drafted in another link (when I figure out how to do it!) in the next day or two.   

It did take longer than I thought!  Almost two hours tracing cutting pinning.
I tried to stabilize it as well - but on the knit fabric - it made the straps too tight. I also top stitched all the way around the top (it doesn't really stand out) to secure the straps (reinforcing with a triple stitch where the strap hit the bodice).  

The picture shows some wrinkles but I didn't think to straighten them out - it was enough getting J. to snap the picture.   Super comfy - it has a built in mustard yellow crinoline.  And I think the straps make it a bit more vintagy.   It's not much in terms of sewing but at least it's something!  Maybe this will convince me to buy more strapless patterns to "convert."  

But, some good news, since I've been doing P90x (week 6) my dressform and I are the same size (except at the waist) - hurrah! Finally.   


  1. Those are great straps! Cute dress!

  2. Genius idea to customize this dress so it's exactly how you want (and need!) it to be. You look great in it. Thanks so much for the Hudson jeans recommendation - I really like the style you suggested. (I also enjoyed having a roam around the Nordstrom website). If I come across them in London on sale (they are expensive!!) I'll give them a try!