Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fabric from Hawaii and New Addition

Fabric from Hawaii!

I apologize for the delay in my posts.  Two large family unexpected matters have been taking up all my time.  More on that later in the post, but now, and more importantly for the purposes of this blog - I enclose two swatches of the Fabric I choose in Hawaii.

I went to Fabric Mart in Hawaii and quite frankly, was underwhelmed - I don't wear tropical fabric on a daily basis (well, I try not to - I'm originally from Florida and am trying to cultivate a rock-n-roll style (I do live in LA now) with a 1950s sensibility.  So, I think the yellow fabric can be made in a vintage dress for when I return to Hawaii for two weeks to teach next Jan/Feb.

WRT to the blue fabric - I don't love the color - it's blue spandex/bathing suit material - but the women surfers caught my eye.  Again, I prefer bathing suit fabric in brown (I think that looks best on me!).  I didn't really need either fabric and I'm a minimalist with my "stash."  I used to be a quilter and had tons of fabric I never used but loved.  I bought the fabric to support local business in Hawaii.    Honolulu is experiencing recession, like everyone else in the country.  With some exceptions I try to support local business and sewing shops when I travel.  

I did buy a purse in Bronze (metallics are so in) and my toes are gold right now:)  I only buy purses every few years or so . . . there was another purse that I actually fell in love with - but it was much more expensive and a bit flashier. 

WRT family issues, J.'s mother passed away (it was expected and quick) and my father was in a bad car accident (not his fault) - like most of the lawyers, I am the family consigliere.    

J. was lucky to obtain his mother's sewing machine - a wonderful Singer Featherweight 221 from 1934 (we checked the serial number on the Singer sight and downloaded a manual).  Which now resides in our home:)  I am having it tuned up this week - but it does sew now!  I enclose pictures below!

Finally, I have a post that is coming soon - concerning my sewing machine class I took - I read it and it's so boring!  But I will probably post for educational purposes for other Janome users - you are warned:)


  1. Cute fabrics and beautiful machine!! I am sorry about your MIL, although it sounds like things were the best that could be expected, which is good. I hope your Dad is OK and y'all can unsnarl the legal messes quickly.

  2. Thanks!! I'm trying to make progress!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the family issues. Glad the machine has a good home, though, and I love the blue swimsuit fabric - how can you not love vintage chicks on surfboards?! Will you make a swimsuit or what? (My verification word was numensu - get it? New men sue! Okay just a lawyer joke.)

  4. Thanks to both!! The only thing I can think to make is a swimsuit!! I know that's why I bought it - although it is a little "bright." I have an astounding two yards of it!! Haha!! Very funny! We do like the lawyer jokes:)