Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tent in Living Room, also known as Why I have NOT finished my Second Vogue Dress!

I want to finish before the New Year!!   But, you can see I've been up to no good with the time off :)

Dare I mention that I've been mesmorized by the snow on the mountains surrounding Los Angeles  -  I seemingly have contracted what is known in these parts as "snow fever."  Must go . . . see snow. . . 


  1. Are you trying out a new tent? The only time my den looks like this is if there's a new tent in the house, or Lucas wants to camp and it's too hot or cold. Too funny!

  2. Yes, we bought it on a serious discount from North Face 75% off - and had to rush home and try it!

  3. I'd be delighted to never see snow again!

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