Sunday, May 8, 2011

Projects merely waiting for a needle. . .

Dear readers,

You're probably asking yourself is this blogger ever post about completed projects ever again!  Answer:  I hope so!  I am at home (not traveling for work) for the next six weeks.

Here are my projects cut out (one for muslin and one in fashion fabric) and ready for the machine and/or needle - I just haven't had time to set up my machines, get out my supplies and complete them!  Darn it!

Kwik Sew shorts (I'm dying to finish these):
I intend to make View B with this fabric below (I don't love the fabric but for summer - it's a good test fabric. . . .) I am making a muslin so that I can craft the "perfect shorts."
Fun tunic:

View A, with this fabric:
I literally am sick of seeing these projects laying around, unfinished, glaring at me to finish them.   I especially want to make the shorts - after the red fabric, if I like them I have some high-tech fabric for hiking I want to use that I scored when I visited Seattle Fabrics.



  1. I LOVE both views of the Kwik Sew shorts. So fun!! I also have been tempted by that New Look pattern several times. I can't wait to see how it looks made up!

  2. Those shorts are going to be EPIC! If I have a plan for a project. I dream about it every night until I get it finished. Then and only then, can I rest in pieces. LOL