Friday, June 3, 2011

Mojo is back!

Finally dear readers,

I embarked upon some irresponsible serging and I am happy to report my mojo is back with New Look 6939.  I started late this afternoon and wore the top on my way to sushi -

The New Look top runs very large.  I have had it cut out for about 8 weeks.
I actually ran out of fabric cutting it out and added some white jersey for an additional flounce.  I cut a 16 (38 chest) and have linebacker shoulders.  Yet, I didn't fit it - merely started serging!  My bad - it hangs off one shoulder.  I bought the fabric - a jersey knit from Mood.

Here it is on the dressform:

I ran out of flounce fabric - so I picked some white jersey knit and I think it adds some interest:
At sushi:
Would I make this again?  Perhaps - it's super easy - it's not form fitting at all (just like the picture) - but I would cut a 10 I believe to ensure a better yoke fit.  Again, I wanted to get my mojo back.  Here is a picture of the pattern below:

It's wearable with a tank underneath - but this pattern has quite a bit of ease!

One question for readers:  do you press your knits as you go along?  I did the yoke (I can tell that made a difference) but couldn't tell the difference for any seams (and I serged this).

Next up:  Shorts - and some alterations and I'll be caught up on past due projects!!


  1. Yay!! It's cute and a great mojo refresher. Welcome back!

  2. Yes, I press knits as I go just like wovens.

  3. Thanks Katie! And D, that is good to know!

  4. Yay for getting your mojo back!

    I don't always press knits as I sew. It depends on the knit. Something slinkier I don't because it doesn't seem to make a difference anyway.

  5. I'm glad that your sewing mojo returned - and it came back with a real winner! Your top looks wonderful - very fresh and summery, it has a nice relaxed vibe but is very flattering. I really like the white jersey knit - you're right, it does add interest, and the main fabric is gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your sushi!
    (To answer your question - I do press knits as I go but I try to be careful not to steam the shape out of them.)

  6. This top is so cute on you!

  7. Thanks for the kind remarks. I do need to do a rolled him on the sleeves - which I'll probably do before weekend end! Thanks for your tips on sewing too!

  8. Really cute! I like the lacey print!

  9. you look like a total babe, and what a blouse! Fun and flirty!

  10. Great top - cute fabric and it looks so flouncy and great on you! I'm bad about leaving my knit hems or sleeves unfinished when it's a quick and dirty project to get my mojo going - good for you for finishing it! I usually do press seams as I go (I also press pattern pieces before I cut fabric - so nerdy).

  11. Thanks for the kind comments!! And, it's good to know how other people really do things!!