Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sojo Shorts

Dear readers!

My sewing mojo ("sojo") continues. . . . I finally finished my Kwik Sew shorts this weekend!  I lost one of the buttons for the final finish but luckily J. found it vacuuming on Monday morning!  I present to you Kwik Sew 3854 View B:

 Here is a view of the waistband - it's a bit high but I lowered it an inch as an alternation:

Other changes:  Took out at least 5/8 inch out of both sides (and I think I can take the buttons over a half of an inch).  I always seem to make my clothes slightly too loose!  Do you?

The obligatory booty shot:

My other alterations include I carved out the crotch seam deeper in the back of the short - J. Stern suggests this in her jean tutorials - and she states that jean designers do the same - I always wondered why my RTW jeans fit so well.   By the way, her website is JSterns Designs.  Her jeans tutorials start around April 2009 and go to Fall 2010.

Although I don't show it the insides have a clean serged finish, and I lined the pockets with red/white butterfly fabric.

Here's the package view:

I don't love this material - I picked it up on my travels for 1.99 a yard at Joann's in Brandon, Florida.  I made a muslin for these shorts and consider this to be a second muslin before cutting into some expensive technical fabric for hiking - I love the shorts and plan to make another pair.  No zippers!! Gotta love it.  I am going to Newport to teach a class and plan to take these (but not to teach in:)).  More for clam chowder after class.

This is not my style Icon (preppy Andy from The Office in his red pants):

I think my style is more laid-back skateboarder meets rock chick meets mad men styling meets backcountry hiker.  Ok, whatever that is, right?  How do you define your style?


  1. I really love them! You got the hot gams for em woman!

  2. Hey, I really love the style of these shorts - they have a wonderful retro style look but are also bang up to date! I love the fun fabric you have used, it's just perfect!. And the buttons are beautiful - I'm glad you found the lost one - turns out cleaning house does have some advantages!

  3. I've been wanting to see this pattern made up. Very cute and I love the fabric. Just right for summer fun!

  4. Great shorts - love the buttons. Congrats on being so productive - sewing and blogging!