Monday, March 19, 2012

Disastrous Undies - Kwik Sew 3881

Dear readers,

While on a quilting break - I returned to my regularly scheduled program of making clothes, in this case some panties.  I enclose the picture for muslin purposes only.  I cut out a medium - using a jersey knit for a muslin.  Result:  Ridiculously too big.

Please ignore the awful execution - I sewed them for muslin purposes only to check sizing.  I made them using Kwik Sew 3881, the hipster version (middle of the column on the right).  Horrible on my hips -  so I'm headed back to the drawing board for alterations.  I will also check the stretch content.  Perhaps my jersey had a bit too much stretch (I believe this pattern calls for 25% stretch).   I cut the M but seemingly a S or XS may be appropriate.  On  positive note - these go together really fast.
I am studying execution styles for undies once I get these right.   Apparently, according to Singer's guide to sewing lingerie - there are three techniques you can use to sew these - "in the round construction" and "flat construction."

If I ever get these right perhaps I'll post my trials and tribulations with each methodology.

If anyone wants to recommend supplies - I'm all ears.  I'm merely using plush elastic from my local fabric store.


  1. I had to look up reviews on this pattern and I found you- they haven't changed the sizing on this pattern at all. I'm not a small girl (made the XL based upon the measurements and the fact that other reviews I found online said this was a true to size pattern, so I thought I would be safe and not lie to myself about what size I WISH I was making). These are nowhere NEAR my size (I mean, I'm eight months pregnant and they're still too big). Guess I'm glad I did the same and used some scrap jersey knit to practice on. Maybe I can use this pair in the hospital after my 3rd is born, but only if I gain forty or so between now and then, and IF I end up having a c section...🙄). Thanks for your honest review, it's the first I've seen that actually matches my experience!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Robertson -- this is a reminder I need to be blogging more:) I really still haven't remade these successfully, although I have been working on bras so I haven't tons of really good elastic now. I'm not that small either -- but in general I have found the Kwik Sew patterns do have quite a bit of ease in them. I also think my knit for this project was too stretchy (which I normally like). Thanks for the comments.