Sunday, March 18, 2012

Perfection is the enemy of good . . . Ok, I'm a lazy quilter.

Dear readers,

I've finished piecing my quilt top - I hope to assemble it for quilting today.
Well, I didn't really follow the directions - which were fairly simple.  I also made this lap quilt a bit longer for sitting on the couch  - it always seems that lap quilts are too short.

One item I didn't do well (and it's not in the directions) - is that I should have "trued" my 14" quilt squares.  I didn't think to do it - I'm a quilting luddite, apparently.  This made some of my seams on the quilt top not quite matching.  Once it's quilted I don't think it will be noticeable - except by me.
I realized it on block 7 of 15.  I could have opened the quilt up - but I'm a lazy quilter.

In my mind, perfection is the enemy of good.  This affects my entire life I think.  Perfect people are really irritating.  I delay many projects and writing because I am afflicted by this need for perfection.  I'm certainly not perfect myself in my personal life.  For example, I can't find my keys at least once a day.  I'm completely unorganized and messy, generally.  Although I pride myself on logic - I am not a linear thinker.

What do you think  - is perfection the enemy of good?


  1. I love your quilt so far - love the bright red and blue colors especially! I'm the same with perfection - I get disgusted with my sewing when it's not perfect, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it usually - :)

  2. So true - I am a perfectionist at work, to a fault. But anything other than legal work is decidedly less than perfect! Yes, I've never stopped wearing something because it's not perfect. . . if it's reasonable I wear it - and sometimes less than that!

  3. Yes! That's why I can't be a quilter. Good enough is definitely good enough for me.

    Your quilt still looks really great to me.

  4. Katie - Exactly! I just don't have enough patience - or maybe I'm only willing to spend a weekend and I'm ready to be done and back to regularly scheduled programming. I don't even want to think about the binding. . .