Friday, August 10, 2012

Steampunk for Halloween?

Dear readers,

Where has the summer gone?  We've been super busy at work, and new people have joined our team - seriously reducing the workload for all!  More time for sewing, cycling, and other pursuits here at the Ps house.  Back in the sewing studio, I opened the new Simplicity patterns page and found some new costumes for Halloween, steampunk style:

I actually dressed as a vampire last year - but everyone at work thought I was steampunk:)  Crazy.  Here's a picture of me before J. and I went to the West Hollywood Halloween Festival.  I guess if I am going this route I better start watching the Downey movie version of Sherlock Holmes, stat. (which, while fun,  simply don't equate with the wonderful Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels).

Audra has great steampunk style and has these lovely leather harnesses at Etsy I'd love to have for everyday wear!

And, Gertie  has me excited about making a corset as well.

Finally, I've been coveting the new vintage lingerie patterns at Mrs. Depew Vintage.

Have you begun thinking of Halloween?  I'd love to hear everyone's ideas.  



  1. Wow - detailed costumes! And I love your hair. Can't wait to see what you come up with...

  2. Thanks! I may start with merely some outerwear corset type of garment - or even buy Audra's belt and pair it with a white shirt to start - these are very very detailed for a garment with one wear planned. . .