Saturday, June 30, 2012


Dear readers,

I was in Jacksonville teaching while Tropical Storm Debby approached and passed us this week.  I was in a hotel during the deluge of precipitation when an idea struck and I braved the rains to shop at Michael for knitting and knitting related supplies!

So, I bought the book Simple Knitting: A Complete How To Workshop with 20 Projects, some Japanese wooden needles and with the help of Video Jug and   - I learned to knit.

My creations so far are ridiculously offensive. I've learned the knit stitch, purl stitch, most combinations thereof, cast-on (two methods),  bind off.  I still have to learn increasing, decreasing, yarn off, and kitchenette.  But, good progress in a week.  I'm using wooden needles so far, feel free to add comments or suggestions.

I've been inspired by seamsters and fabric artists Kristin and Katie.

But, I've got a project on the horizon - a endless scarf or cowl.

Here's some great tutorials, I'm not sure which one to go to yet (thanks Ravelry.)

1.  Cashmere Cowl Pattern by Purl Bee

2.  Burberry Inspired Cowl by Garter Girl

I still plan to take at least a two-three week sew-cation.  But, am trying some knitting while I am traveling quite a bit; and hopefully this will help me cut down on my nail-biting habit.

P.S.  Inspiration for the day:  These jellies are too much!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I taught myself to knit about 3 years ago and I must warn you it is addicting. I love knitting and always have something on my needles. I have used bamboo, metal and even plastic. It really depends on the project but I use the metal ones the most. Good luck.

  2. Yay for knitting!! It's great to have a project that you can have with you one the go. I think that cowl is a great first project. So fun!

  3. It is seemingly really addicting - plus the attraction to the wonderful yarns!
    It seems like the metal ones would be a bit easier on cheaper yarn and the wood ones for slippery yarns . .

  4. Thanks Katie!! I can't wait to actually make something - right now I'm a bit too sloppy!

  5. Oh, how smart - great idea to have something to do in the hotel during the storm! And I remember the flat Jellies - had a pair of blue and pink...good times.

  6. Good luck with your knitting! It is a wonderful skill to have, and highly addictive! :) Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog

  7. Thanks Carolyn - it is so highly addictive:)