Monday, September 3, 2012

Dirty Dancing Dress (DDD)

Dear readers,

Guess what?
Remember this?
Two weeks ago I was watching our hilariously funny local LA newscast - Good Day LA; the show featured Jennifer Grey - who was promoting her 25th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing - and announced tickets were available for the screening at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  Apparently Skinny Cow sponsored the event and tickets were free.  I logged on and got tickets!!  Hurray!

Skinny cow set up a pink carpet (here I was entering - very late from work and LA traffic):
 A picture from inside the theatre:
Jennifer Grey was in attendance - as was the rest of the full theatre (95% of the audience consisted of a very raucous crowd of women) - it was ridiculously fun.  It reminded me of my college girlfriends watching this coming of age film at our campus theatre in Auburn.

See the dancers on the stage for the credits?
I didn't really stay at the afterparty (a typical promotional type of fare) - but on the way to see it - the dirty dancing costumes were featured.  Hilary Rosenfeld was the costume designer (I didn't see any information about her but wished they had more costumes) but they did have the pink dress (from the finale), a white shirt from the private dance scene with Baby and Johnny, and a pair of keds.  I took pictures of the dress below, and above:

The dress was simple, with a side zip.  The lace covers the seaming from bodice to skirt with a triangle in the back.  The front had side and front darts.  It seemingly was made of a lightish cotton blend.   I wish I took a picture from the back!  Darn it!  I do think would be relatively simple to reproduce.  The costumes from the movie are fantastic - I do wish they had more of them to display.

Some pictures from the actual movie showing the movement of the dress:

What a last minute treat!


  1. That skirt did move beautifully... kudos to the costume designer!

  2. It was much more simple than I would have thought!

  3. Very cool evening! So are you going to reproduce the dress? And how 'bout that knitting? You were my inspiration, and I finished my "shrug!" Now for a sweater...

  4. That is a nice dress. However, That is NOT the dress that was worn on the movie. The original dress had completely different lace and had a charmeuse layer or two over the lightweight pink taffeta. Also, the straps were not straight, but twisted. This dress in the case looks more like the knock-off she wore on Dancing With the stars than the Hilary Rosenfeld dress. Sorry.

    1. Hilary RosenfeldMay 26, 2014 at 1:16 PM

      That is absolutely correct! The dress in the picture is not the dress. I am the designer and that is definitely not the dress that I designed and had made for the movie--not even close!

    2. Where is the original dress? Is it on display?

  5. Mrs Rosenfeld..what ever happened to the original dress..this dress is deff not the dress.the dress she made was so well made with attention to detail