Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Canada! Pendrell Fall Blouse finished!

Dear readers,

I've finally adjusted the Pendrell blouse for my sloper corrections (which was fairly easy because both were princess seams).  The blouse was pictured below, with my version of Jennifer Stern's jeans (Jean Posts Here).

No, I'm not celebrating Canada (perhaps I should).  This maple leaf is my ode to Fall (we are having a heatwave here, however).  Although here in Ventura the summer is just now starting with the Santa Anas, and warm temps.    I bought the fabric from Mood recently on a trip.
I used Tasia's Blog on Sew-Alongs (scroll down for the Pendrell links);  the pattern directions were easy and I love princess seam blouses. But, the ideas for putting the blouse together with the sleeves were easier using the author's directions online.  It was a unique way of puttting together the blouse.  I will definitely make it again and have noted some hints for a better fit (I cut this a bit large).

Here is the pattern view (I sewed View A).  Although this pattern was drafted allegedly for pear-shaped girls - I made it anyway (I am a reverse triangle, or an apple, depending), and it worked brilliantly.  It's a bit blousy - but that was my fault - next time I'll cut down on the SA.
I am working on the pattern review.

So, dear readers, I am just starting my sew-cation - but have finished the above, not to mention two more knit blouses and a tank top!

Onto the pants now!!


  1. Top style and colour of fabric look super on you! Now pants...good luck...can't wait to see them finished...

  2. Thanks!!! I'm eager to get started on the pants - I'd love to make at least two more pairs (and maybe through in another jeans . . . )

  3. You've had a productive sew-cation - congrats! That's a great top too.