Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anise Sew-Along: Delayed until further notice

Dear readers,
I originally planned to join the Colette Anise Sew-Along!

I fell in love with Sarai's version. 
So, I planned to make my own version as well with the green wool below.
Oops - only 2.5 yards rather than the 4.5 3 and 3/8 yards the pattern calls for (ed.  oops!).

So, this project is (sadly) delayed until I find a fabric I'm equally in love with.  I am going to make a flowy skirt with the green wool from a self drafted pattern.

Has this ever happened to you?   True, I normally buy 2.5 yards when I'm out and about - I never think about 4 - 8 yards.  I guess I need an attitude adjustment while fabric shopping and stashing.



  1. I'm surprised the Anise takes that much fabric, with the cropped length and sleeves and all. That green wool would be gorgeous—is there no way to get more?

    My default "impulse buy" length is 3 yards, and I've come up short a couple times too. Now I try to have an idea of what I want to make out of it and buy more if it's for something like a coat.

    I've had to put myself on a fabric-buying freeze, though—my optimism as to the amount of projects I can actually finish has been out of control for a years, and my stash is completely out of control. I've had to unsubscribe to all fabric website emails, and put myself on a really strict time limit whenever I go into a fabric store for thread or buttons.

    1. You're right (I'll amend) - it takes 3 and 3/8 for the long sleeve version (my preference) for 45"- and with some fabric adjustments If I had 3 yards or . . . I'd be in business. . . but I'm worried I'm cutting it short with 2 and 1/2. ... Great idea about getting more - I could put the project on hold - I think I got the fabric from "G-Street" in DC and I go back there frequently (although probably not until August). . . . I bet they would have it. It's been in my stash for over a year. . .
      Yes, I too am stash-busting . . . I feel too much pressure if I have un-done projects waiting for me!

  2. It depends on how much it costs for me - if it's cheaper, I'll sometimes get 4 yards thinking I can do a couple of things...

    1. Great job on the 4 yards - 2.5 maybe out and 4 yards - IN now while fabric shopping . . . depending on the intended use. . .