Monday, February 25, 2013

Decades of Style - Pattern adjustment

Dear readers,

I have begun my entry to the world of Decades of Style patterns.  This is the pattern I am making - with princess seams -
 - the 1944 House dress.  I love princess seams and my sloper (or basic bodice) is perfect for that.  So, I am taking the original pattern (traced) and marking, what I hope, are the correct pattern adjustments.  The original pattern is very close to my sloper - very unusual.

Below is the original fashion fabric - I hope to make it up before St. Patrick's Day.  It is a linen and I plan to underline with batiste.  It's an expensive fabric so I am making a toile or muslin before cutting (so unlike me!)
As you can see the alterations are in green.  WARNING:  My alterations are a swag - measured from the slopers -  *real* pattern making and adjustment involved detailed measurements and math.  So, I am using the "swag" method - we'll see how it shapes up!  One note is that I did "rotate" the dart to the side to match the pattern.
The back alteration below is the largest - I have a very broad back.  I also have asymmetrical shoulders  -  but because of the ease I am making both sides with the same sloper alternations (laziness!).
 I have no idea what to do with the sleeve alterations - the sleeve (in tracing paper) is nothing close to my sloper (behind, on oaktag).  So, this is part of the reason I'm making a muslin. . .
Some of my pattern making tools.
 Colored markers are key.
Slopers taking a rest on the piano.
Next up is the muslin. . . more to follow!


  1. LOVE the fabric! And that sleeve cap difference is scary - let us see how it turns out. Also, what does swag mean?

    1. S! Thanks! I think it will be smart!
      Well I had to wikipedia swag (although I've used it colloquially before) - according the the internet it means, "[s]cientific Wild-Ass Guess, or SWAG, is American slang meaning a rough estimate made by an expert in the field, based on experience and intuition." I didn't even think that when I wrote it!

  2. Well, I have learned something! I will be using it in conversation next week!