Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day - Patriotic Patterns

Dear readers,

Again, I'm so behind on my posts.  Nevertheless I wanted to thank all of our veterans on Veteran's Day:
Also,  I am behind in my stash sewing -- I"m dying to make these patriotic patterns:

and finally --
Also, Burda just came out today with some 1940s female (heck yes!)  aviator patterns -- HERE.
I am planning to finally post on the summer ASG conference I attended, my sewing gifts I received on my birthday -- I'm close to finishing my green wool cape, and I have finished three knitted caps, and am working on leg warmers.  I know, so behind.

I'm dying to catch up now if I can just cut down on my time at work and other activities!  That said I have quite a bit of time off I must take in December!




  1. How did I miss this post? Cute pic at the top - now where did you grow up? I know you went to Auburn and lived in Pensacola for a bit. I'd love to hear about your ASG conference. Wish we had a sewing conference down here in December - wouldn't that be cool?! I'm with you - we need to cut out this whole work thing!

    1. Hey Sister -- sorry for the delay in responding! I grew up in Florida -- Miami and Orlando but went to Auburn undergrad and FSU law (where am I going sit at the BCS?). If you come out to Pasadena for the BCS -- let's do a meet up and go to Mood! That would be super cool. I loved the ASG -- my sewing girlfriend and I are planning to attend another in 15 in San Diego. My brother went to Alabama (of all things) for about 10 years. I love the SE -- and miss it! I practiced law in Atlanta for quite a bit too.

    2. Too funny - you seem too young to have done and lived everywhere you have! That would be cool to come to Pasadena...but my mom said the package was $3500/person - yikes!

    3. Haha! Well, I signed up with the Navy on ROTC Scholarship at Auburn at 17 in 84! Crazy. And, I might add I don't have children with Jonathan -- but if I did that would be awesome. 3500 a person is ridiculous. We are going to tailgate but I'm not 100 percent sure I'm going to the game (I love both teams and don't care who wins:)). Sad, I know. I like AU from the heart but I still know most the law school folks since I grad in 2002. So, we're definitely going to tailgate and possibly, the game. When I took my brother in 2010 I paid 1600 for tickets alone. I think 3500 is outrageous (flight 350.00, hotels 450 (3 nights), game tickets (face value if you can get them 180 - 300 each). So, 3500 is crazy town, I agree!

    4. Well, I'm also retired from the Navy Reserve -- that may explain some timing issues!