Sunday, January 12, 2014

Arrow Sewing and Serging Cabinet 401 Initial Setup (the "Betty")

Dear readers,

This summer I picked up a rather inexpensive (200.00) Arrow Sewing Cabinet off Craigslist, called the Betty # 401 in white.   It was a particle board table -- I had never used one and doubted its utility.  In the picture below you will see the final table setup:
Yes, of course it came with a flaw. . . which the seller did not disclose (I'm unsure if she knew) -- but the stand supported by a hydraulic/pulley type of lift would not adjust flush with the sewing machine.  The fixtures that adjust the hinge were stripped.  I called Arrow and they were fantastic.  I received the new one in days for less that $5.   I also ordered a custom insert with my machine (the table came with some universal inserts).  

But, it took me three months to actually get around to installing the new attachment.  (I had to take the hydraulic lift off the table, ugg.).  I finally did it in less than a half hour on Saturday night.  It does make sewing a bit more intuitive.  And, I can now see the value of purchasing a nicer one once I have the space.   I will do a more intensive review once I've had a chance to use it set up like it's supposed to be (I've had my machine sitting on top for awhile).  

Also, below -- J. gave me the ceramic bowl (red and white with polka dots) on the right for Christmas (among other knitterly things) from our LYS.  I love it.  I also received the holder/spinner for yarn on the left (an ETSY purchase).  I finally got a yarn winder as well (not shown). 
Any recommendations for sewing tables out there?  I'd love to hear about what you use.  I've investigated sewing rooms on pinterest and on various blogs.

Update 1/26/14 -- I may have to make an adjustment -- I just realized that my sewing table doesn't accommodate the knee lift lever on my Bernina!  The Horror!  Where's my saw?




  1. Wow - so nice! And yay for you for making it work! I bought a Sauder sewing table that you assemble yourself from Walmart and love it, but it's nothing like what you've got. It holds 2 of my machines with a nice space for fabric to the side, and it folds up to look like a side table. I've always wondered about those hydraulic lifts - I think we need a video demo! I love your yarn holder cup thing - I always corral my skein on the couch while I wind it by hand, but it always falls on the floor to collect dog hair - yuk!

    1. Yes, I dream of having a very organized and nice sewing studio one day but for now . . . in our California bungalow (it really is bungalow sized) -- this is what I can get to fit. That Sauder sounds fantastic -- this folds up too into a desk -- I am leaving it unfolded -- that's how I'm rolling right now. BTW, I have come home to yarn around the house where our kerry, Pixie, has been playing with it . . . all wet too and tangled. yuck. So, maybe this will help?