Friday, January 3, 2014

New Sweater, New Knitting Skills: Funky Grandpa

Dear readers,

One of the lucky things I got into was a very highly valued sweater class at Anacapa Fine Yarns.  I signed up early (without remembering the project) -- it's a new sweater pattern picked out by Anacapa's popular instructor, Anne (whose blog is Moonlight Stitches).   Luckily, Anne has excellent taste -- and picked out this sweater - Funky Grandpa.  This fits my style perfectly!  I wear cashmere grandpa sweaters almost everyday at work (goes with my lawyer-geek style).
The pattern is available on Ravelry, just search for "Funky Grandpa."  Rililie is the designer and her blog is Lamaisonrililie.  I love her designs and have downloaded her fingerless mitts and cap patterns as well.

Now the fun is to pick out the yarn -- I'm leaning toward Madeline Tosh Merino Light -- either dark grey for the main bodice color and black for the arms.  Or, a dark denim blue for the bodice and darker arms.  The denim blue would be great with jeans and movie dates with J.  The black/dark grey would be more appropriate for work.  I haven't decided on the self-striping yarn color yet for the stripes.  The pattern calls for sock weight yarn and the Merino Light has been made by other Ravelers and is fingering weight and, I think, compatible.  

Here are two other of Rililie's projects I love:
 The "green hat."
And, long striped fingerless mitts (free on Ravelry).

I also really want to make this vintage sweater pattern the Cutaway Neckline Sweater (free)  -- but it will have to wait, now. 
In other news, I am still procrastinating on my UFOs -- I haven't finished my cape yet -- I hope to this weekend.  And, I'm still working on yoga socks (3 months and counting), long leg warmers (2 months and counting) and a Dr. Who Scarf (months and months to go).  I haven't fully converted to continental yet but am committed to knitting the Dr. Who scarf with continental.  I've been you-tubing for tips.  

BTW, Kristen, K-line blogger, has some great posts Here  (great comments too) and Here on continental versus eastern european style in contrast to "real" British/English style knitting if you get a chance to browse them.  She focuses on tension, and the most efficient way to assure correct tension for a project.   The posts have some great discussion.

Anyone have some good new years knitting projects they are working on?




  1. Hey Pam - thanks for the shout out. Isn't it fascinating how differently everyone knits?! I've considered making the Cutaway Neckline sweater - it's so chic. But I have about 8000 things on my list to knit first.

    1. Thanks Kristen -- Yes, it was absolutely fascinating! And, you are so right about the tensioning. I too have gad zillions of projects to make. But, I'm too busy procrastinating, thank you.

  2. I love that grandpa sweater! I'm almost finished with a jacket I started last February (!), so I hope to post that by the end of the weekend. You sound like me - work on one project for an hour or two, then switch to another project after dinner, then a third project for TV watching...I feel like I have ADKD - attention deficit knitting disorder! (I've coined a new term.)

    1. I know, I'm so lucky the project is so cool, I think. hahaha! That is my style exactly -- I usually have a million projects. I'm rushing to finish the leg warmers and yoga socks before the sweater class starts in early Feb. I love your term -- hey, I trust your medical judgment:)