Monday, June 2, 2014

Grandpa Sweater - Completed!!

Dear readers,

I've been done with the Funky Grandpa Sweater Pattern for about a month BUT I was afraid of the afterthought buttonholes.  More on that (a bit later on my project review on My Ravelry Project Page ).  Let me just say cutting your knitting is scary.  Now, shiny things:
 I'm so thrilled I got this sweater completed.   I love it!!  I took a class -- which took about 8 weeks to complete.   My instructor is a sweetie -- the wonderful Anne from Anacapa Fine Yarns-- her blog is Moonlight Stitches and her revelry page is Moonlight Stitches on Ravelry.   I will post a pattern review on Ravelry with some suggested changes I made.
 I made the pattern much longer so I can rock that librarian look at work (my favorite!)
 So, I'm thrilled with the result.
 Here are some of the photos from the dress form (I could have gone smaller - I made a M).  I've lost some weight in the last two months.

 Below, a wonderful button from Mood (I love Mood).  I bit large for the sweater, if you ask me, after the fact.  I was originally going to make at least two to three of these since this is my go to sweater for work (although RTW I wear cashmere -- this is super wash merino wool.

The cuff at the button had an odd feature -- it required double yarn - I'm not sure if I like the bulk yet.

I learned a ton of new techniques but my favorite was German Short Rows.  I may do a tutorial for for the afterthought buttonholes since I couldn't find any video tutorials on the web.  This technique was difficult to understand spatially. . . . really hard to figure out -- luckily I had knitting expert Anne to thank to walk me through them after the class ended.

Since I got my knit-jo on -- my sew-jo was on hold.  Now, I'm trying to bring it back.




  1. LOVE IT! Love the pattern, the color, the fit, everything! Looks fabulous with your jeans. Congratulations on making something awesome!

    1. Thanks! Wore it to work today -- it's a great fit! Very comfy!

  2. Love this pattern & your sweater is perfect!

    1. Thanks I had a Made Me May (although it's June) day today -- work a skirt, blouse and this sweater all of my own making!

  3. I love your colour combo on your funky- that gorgeous turquoise with the grey ..well done for the extra length , fits you beautifully !

  4. Nice funk y ! got the same big problem with the !! Havé you find a video "?
    Tks In advance