Monday, November 16, 2009

And then there's Maude!

Well, I did the overly done "Simplicity 2603 Cozy."  I thought it would be an easy pattern but it was irritating to me in many respects - I'll post the review on PR sometime in the next day or two and link to it in my blog here.

Well, Simplicity Patterns just seem to irritate me - I may be a beginner but some things about their drafting don't make sense.  So, in total, I like the cozy but I don't love it.  I made the full arms, and really adding the bell sleeves looks wonky (and my stitching is iffy).  In addition,  I think the back is a bit short - I'd prefer two more inches. . . in reading the pattern reviews, I noticed that most people said the M was too large for them (with similar figures) but I made a large and it has a lot of ease but isn't that long in the back.  Similarly, I made another rookie error - no forward sleeve adjustment and round back adjustment which would have corrected the back length. . . I even did that on the Elvis'.    The sleeves had a ridiculous amount of ease on the shoulder portion making them hard to set in or get them flat (after three tries I'm sticking with what I have).

I like it better today with it on than yesterday - when I wanted to throw it out of our house!!

My mother helpfully added that it's the worst thing she's ever seen and hates the style (not necessarily my sewing:)).

So, I'm taking a step back to some easy pants with a little elastic in the back - I think the stretch knit was too much for me. . . it took just over four hours but it did drive me a bit nutty (because of the redos).

Finally, it is slimming on but I don't love being "Maude."  I'm very sensitive to that:)  I include a picture on "Wilheminia" the dressform. . . .


  1. It looks good! I haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet, but I like yours. That blue is lovely.

  2. Love your cosy! I see you live in Ventura. I lived in Oxnard many moons ago, and attended Ventura College.

  3. Thanks for the comments!! Faye, that's funny - I lived in Atlanta for a few years (and loved it!) - I see you are in the Warner-Robins area. I do miss grits and good southern cooking (and people)!

    I am enjoying Ventura, especially the weather, but it is very pricey (but great for sewing in terms of LA being so near!). I moved out here for my job and there seems to be unlimited opportunity here.