Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A visit to LA's Fashion District and PGM Dressforms

Well, I finally made it down to LA this morning - to the PGM dressform factory (which was having a huge moving discount) before they go to Baldwin Park.  It was so much fun.  Dressforms everywhere. . .

Below you will see a picture of a few in Camo print - I liked the legs/crotch area for pants/shorts - they didn't have my size but they were 99.00 for those - I'll have to keep them in mind in case they ever get any more.

My big decision was between a linen and black dress form  - I went with the black because I think it would be cleaner and because I don't necessarily have a need for the industry standard. . . It was 189.00 the linen dress forms were 259-299 (clearance) . .

I'll send a picture up as soon as I get a good one posted.  I also bought a size 12. . . I'm probably a PGM 14 (but not in the hips - more like a 10/12) but I bought a 12 because I can always pad up.  I've decided if I can only get to my goal weight I may get one custom - they are reasonable there - I think 699.00 custom to your measurements. . . but I'm not working on that as I shopped around the LA fashion district and had a wonderful bacon wrapped hot dog!! Fun Fun!!

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  1. The PGM factory sounds like an interesting place to go. I would love a custom made dress form - maybe one day!