Sunday, February 7, 2010

My sewing plans

Hello - if I haven't mentioned I'm thrilled to be retired from the Reserve I definitely am this weekend!  I've actually had time to think about friends and family!
Here's my fabric for the first Colette Macaron:

It is stretch medium wool - hopefully  - it's not too thick!  The grey is for the body and the brown for the contrast.  I am probably not going to use the contrast piece under the bustline.

I cut out the pattern for the Colette Macaron  - I have yet to tissue fit.

I want to make two dresses - once I get it perfected.  Because I'm a new person to garment sewing and because the pattern is a bit complicated - I'm making a full muslin.

Here is the Echino gauze fabric for the second Colette dress.  I am using the grey for the body and the same print in brown for the contrast.  I will line this dress as well

Both dresses are going to be lined.

In more controversial news - most sewers do NOT like the Butterick Walkaway dress in terms of fit - I want to make one to wear for St. Patty's Day.
I have this hat - now I just need materials.

I am full figured - and I'm going to "weight" the front fabric heavier (I hope!) - to eliminate the pull to the back that everyone seems to be experiencing upon wearing.

Tips anyone??


  1. I have to say that I made this dress, wore it twice, then cut it up and made a wrap skirt. I'm much happier with it now. If you are determined to make it, be sure you plan for a cami underneath. The armholes are enormous and gape nearly to the waist. If it weren't for ALL of the fit issues that I had with it, is would have been fun to wear...

  2. Oh, I just realized that that may have been ambiguous... I was referring to the Walkaway, not the Macaron.

  3. Thanks for the tip - I did see your post of the Walkaway and it was adorable and utilitarian! - and I do dislike dresses that are "uncomfortable." I almost want to make the vintage Vogue that I have - I'm going to think about it. I"m not starting the Walkaway until March 1 - so I do have time . . . I am concerned it's unwearable - some love it but most people seem to have some beef with the pattern. I wanted something I don't have to line since apparently, I'm on a "lining" binge.

  4. I love your fabric choices for the Macaron dress. I think you're wise to make a muslin - for a dress like this, and with such nice fabric, it's worth the effort to get any fit issues sorted out first.