Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update: Kwik Sew 3576!

Update:  6 Feb:  I altered the dress:  I took off an inch on each side and in my waist area - I also took 1 inch off the total length - I do think it's a better fit.  In addition, I took out that wonky hem tape and did a blind stitch hem (which is never blind to me - I can always see it).  

I've been busy today doing alterations - two original jeans hems (1 skinny black Hudson and a drawstring white True Religion).  In addition, I took in two shirts and one dress.

Hurray!! I said I'd make some adult clothing and I did it.  This isn't a great picture - I may retake and repost. . . The dress fits much better I think.

This is Kwik Sew 3576.

I made view B.  In actuality - I actually thought I cut out View A -  I even did a tissue fitting (but no muslin).  Somehow I missed the V neck!  Oops.  I had already decided against the View A pockets as I was freaked out by the belt - I made some bad belts by hand in my Elvis' project so I was already relegaded to making View A without the pockets - when "Surprise" and oops -a "V" neck!

This is some material I bought in the mid-90s when I was quilting and thought "I could make a suit."  I only bought two yards though.  Tight cutting.

Here is a view from the back - I didn't fully steam this before taking the pictures (sorry!).  I like the length - it could be a bit shorter - the grey tights really hide the length - I do think it's the correct length.  I am also wearing my new glasses which I love!

Here are all the new skills I learned:

(1)  Lining - I saw Katie bought and skillfully used the book from Connie Long on Linings - since I saw what a great job she was doing -  I wanted it in a rush and thankfully checked it out from the library.   I sewed the lining mostly by machine and did Ms. Long's quick lining method - the pattern didn't come with lining so I cut my own templates.

(2) Understitching - I had to look that term up to figure out what it is - it's basically a stitch on the lining/facing side of the fabric that adheres the selvedge from the facing/lining toward the inside of the fabric to ensure a nice fold.

(3) Invisible Zipper with Lining - both new to me - the invisible zipper pretty easy - in my picture I could have brought it up .3 - .5 inches to the top.  I followed zipper instructions which required the zipper .75 from the top  - now I have to sew in a catch (which can be a little itchy).

(4) Tailoring - I made a Large  - I could have gotten away easily with a Medium - I didn't make it super tight - I wanted to wear something underneath the dress and perhaps teach class and tight is never good for that reason but I've agreed with J. to take it in some if I lose more weight (I've lost 12 lbs in the last six weeks - I've been trying to but nothing dramatic).

(5) Hem on this dress - well, I cheated and used hem tape but if and when that comes apart - I'll hand hem with a nice lacing.  I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place  (Update:  Hate the hem tape - I'm replacing it and hand hemming this weekend - and I'm taking up the hem .5 inches).

(6)  Attached lacing to the dress -as you can see it's backward but I am not resewing - no one can see it and I'm happy with it.  It's the cheap kinda itchy  lace from JoAnns - which is ridiculous cause I was at Mood yesterday and could have bought inexpensive high quality lace!

(7)  Learned to match a plaid pattern - perfect except on a portion of the back - I didn't use interfacing on the zipper (I know - I know! It's a sewing sin) - and I think that caused a stretch and the plaids not to match in the lower back of the dress.

Also, I wanted to review some PJs I did last week.  It's my old pattern I use - Kwik Sew 3271 View B - I used a Michael Miller fabric in flannel.  I made the mistake of using some shirring to try to match some Antho pants - but after running through a bobbin with no shirring effect - I finally found out - flannel is near impossible to shirr .. in fact, anthro used cotton.  I barely then salvaged the project into the Kwik Sew - now they are nice to hang around the house and sew (I have on a comfy cashmere sweater with them!).

My next project up is the (roll the drums, boys) - Collette Macaron.  I originally was going to make it in a Echino fabric gauze but have committed to a stretchy comfy wool blend with China Silk.  I'll post more on this - this week - I expect that this project will take two to three weeks since I really need to go slow.   I am also planning on lining this project. . .


  1. Nice work!! The lining looks great! I love the lace trim, so pretty.

  2. Great dress! Lovely classic style that really suits you. I love your lining, very pretty! I think Connie Long's book is fantastic - I own a copy and use it often. Looking forward to seeing the Collette dress, it's such a great style.

  3. Wow! You're doing great...I'm trying desperately to get my sewing mojo back!

  4. Good luck Jenni!!
    That's Eugenia - I can't wait to both of you are back at it!

  5. Great looking sheath dress and am with you on the blind hem... I always see it too :)