Monday, January 17, 2011

Vogue 8667 Finally Finished:)

Dear Readers,

Ok, I'm only two weeks late on the publishing of this finished dress.  My second, and it's a much better fit.  I worked hard on the bodice with the princess seams.

Here's the back view - which is a better fit than what this picture suggests.
Whew!  Boy I need a haircut.  

I've reviewed this pattern before so, here we go:

What I liked:  Fun, easy, princess-seam pattern with retro good looks in a variety of styles.  I love the two-tone - which Eugenia ingeniously concocted in one of her dresses.  Great fit.  I added the selvage flowers and pockets which match the bodice. . . 
 Flowers - my big design element.

My challenges:  The bodice fit - which I blogged about last post.  I wish I could add the collar to this version - I ran out of tropical material.  I lined it - which was challenging considering the double knit material I used on the skirt and somewhat skewed the absolutely perfect fit I had going on previously.  
I also handpicked the zipper and used a variety of couture techniques. . . fell stitching on the armholes and to finish the lining.  
Hand-picked Zipper.  My favorite.

Next up:  I'm in the middle of the pants sew-a-long by Sunni, The Cupcake Goddess, working on my muslin fit.  I am taking a cloning class by Kenneth King, and I've been shout out by Sue of Sew-Misunderstood!  Thanks - the posts are forthcoming.

This dress should work wonderfully  -  I'm headed to Hawaii in a week for two weeks for a work trip - although I planned to make a new bathing suit - that project has now been delayed. .  . Pattern review on this dress to follow. 


  1. What a fabulous version of this versatile pattern. I LOVE the combination of fabrics you have chosen - the tropical print bodice is so pretty. You look stunning in this dress.

  2. Beautiful!! Fabulous fabric combo, wonderful fit and exquisite craftsmanship; you should be so proud to wear this dress!!

  3. It looks awesome! Sounds like you used some fantastic techniques - I have no idea what a hand-picked zipper entails - I need to do that stitching class you took. How do you have the time for all of it?!

  4. I love, love, love how you did the peekaboo pockets. I'm a freelance clothing designer, so little details like that are just fascinating to me! Great work.
    Kristina J.

  5. Totally beautiful! I just love the mix of fabrics.