Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trying to sew!

Dear readers,

I apologize for my absence - I am waiting to finish my Burda Sew-Along pants after two muslins - here are the pictures: first, the fabric (waiting patiently on the ironing board), and second, my second Muslin.

To be honest, I have been ridiculously busy at work (traveling) but the real reason for my long-awaited UFOs (now!) is that I cannot thread my serger!  Yes,  in the middle of my Pants Sew-Along - I tried to change the thread, but gasp - could not!  I am going to retry tomorrow after waiting a week and acquiring some other thread - but it is very frustrating - I was ready to run out and buy a babylock after those five precious hours of fiddlin' with my Vintage Bernette 334D.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

My Janome has also been skipping stiches and I believe, need to be adjusted as well.  Of course!

In the meantime I have been:

(1) Visiting the 19th Academy of Motion Pictures Costume Design exhibit at FIDM!  Really fun - and pretty quick visit!!  My favorites were the Alice in Wonderland costumes, True Grit, and Wall Street (of all things!). . . They also had the Burlesque costumes - whew - Christina Aguilera is really tiny (as well as Shia LeBouf and Ellen Page).

(2) Checking out the new Rodarte exhibit at MOCA in LA.   Rodarte (the Mulleavy sisters) had a hand in the costumes in Black Swan.

(3)  Oiling my scissors.  When I bought my dog grooming scissors at the Eukanuba Dog Show in Long Beach - they gave me some oil - and each year - they give me new oil when I have them sharpened.  I used to to oil my sewing scissors - (where the scissors meet at the base not on the blades) and wow!  They are sharp and quiet again! A picture of the oil syringe below.

Hopefully, I can figure out this threading issue!  More to follow, dear readers!


  1. Hope you can sort out the problems with your machines - I know how horribly frustrating it is when you're all fired up to sew and your machine doesn't want to play!

  2. I just figured it out - guess what? User Error! Of course! Thanks for your kind words E!

  3. Cool pics of the costumes. I need to take better care of my scissors - nice tip about the oil.