Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burda 07-2010-127 Sew Along Pants

Dear Readers!

Finally, I finished my Burda 07-2010-127 Sew-Along Pants.  Normally, it is not a style I would have chosen as it has pleats.   I am a complete rectangle and fit Vogue and Kwik-Sew out of the box (no alterations, normally) and shun pleats.  But I couldn't resist the allure of the sew-along and learning pants alterations (which I did, thanks Sunni!).

By the way, I wanted to wear a different set of oxfords, but the little "P" you see in the picture there ate a strap off my Mary Jane Oxfords so I am off to see the cobbler in my saddle shoes. 

These pants were tall - and had quite a bit of ease - so I did two muslins and some significant alterations - they fit almost perfect for the pattern.  I also hand-picked a back zipper (instead of a side zipper, which always irritates me for some reason).    The following pictures are over-exposed so you can see the fabric a bit more closely:


The waistband for me was most troublesome - I made two (in addition to the two muslins (so four total) and ended up taking darts in the final waistband.   The picture below shows the fabric I finished the insides and the pockets with.  
With regards to the waistband, I don't know what I did wrong. . . maybe I applied it up side down.   I did cut it on the bias - and it turned out huge - I ran out of fabric finally and went with what I had. 

The handpicked zipper below:

Typical me, I serged a hole in the waistband and ended up using applique to attach a butterfly, which actually is a nice touch!
The end result was a nice fitting, inexpensive (less than 12.00 in material - the material is a medium canvas duck - slightly stretchy), super comfy pants and I learned quite a bit.  I may make these again - since I did all this fitting, but I am going to fit the waistband better next time - and chose a much lighter material - such as linen!


  1. You did a great job. It's very frustrating when things don't work out the way they are supposed to, but at least you finally got the waist band to work.

  2. Very nice! Great save with the butterfly. It's totally cute!

  3. Great save. They look great. I think I have some that same fabric. Was it labeled as baby canvas (with some stretch)? I've wondered if it would work for pants.

  4. Thanks Julia and Katie! Liza! Yes, they were but in reality I think they would make better shorts. . . they are a bit bulky - and I'm slim in that area....but they make comfy chino style pants. .

  5. Awesome - you are much more patient that I am. I did a couple of tweaks on some pants a couple of weeks ago and tossed the whole thing. Then moved onto shirts...and haven't had time to finish a thing. Nice looking zipper, too! Good for you for hanging in there!

  6. Extraordinary! We'd like to think your Kerry Blues provided an appropriate level of inspiration and support...

    Buster, Persephone, Bailey & Gracie
    Kerry Blue Terrors living in Connecticut

  7. I love your fix for the hole! So adorable. And the zipper looks great.