Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A year in review . . . .2011

Dear readers!

The customary 2011 year in review (I did forget to do this last year):

I've attended the ASG conference (and joined American Sewing Guild)  in LA - and met some more bloggers and sewers in the sewing community (online and off).

I've completed two slopers - one top and one skirt (at Sew-La). I have them hanging in my sewing room:
And one of two tops:

And, finished a fitted pair of jeans this year (Jennifer Stern's Jeans pattern and class (Jennifer's Webpage).  I count those as my notable accomplishments.
Specifically, I sewed the following (fitted) garments:

(1) 3 skirts
(2) 2 tops
(3) 1 pair jeans
(4) 1 knit top (not fitted, unfortunately)
(5) 1 pair shorts
(6) 1 pair of shorts for Jonathan
(6) 1 sew-along Burda pair of pants
(7) 2 dresses
and a bunch of doggie bags, and other home dec projects!
Total:  12 garments!

That's not too shabby considering  I  traveled last year, and we were minus one attorney - hopefully, I'll be a bit more productive this year.

I really look forward to posting my garments - it keeps me motivated and I do love to see what everyone else is posting as well.  I read my Google Reader every morning - so even if I'm not posting I'm reading blogs.   I think I also receive a certain satisfaction from this blog - so I'm keeping at it - although I am very very slow at posting during certain parts of the year.
Every blog opens me to someone else's ideas about sewing, and life  - it does allow me to feel more engaged with the sewing community.  I also have quite a few bicycling and quilting blogs I follow.

What about you?   I'm dying to see the End of Year counts!


  1. A very good year, congratulations!
    and thank you for your kind comment on my daughter's dress

  2. Thanks Carolyn! I did love that fabric and the dress on your daughter - breathtaking, really.

  3. You were very productive! I've never kept a count, but that's where my blog comes in handy, since I post everything there. Good idea for me to go back and look at that...

  4. I know I think I would have figured it out but I had to check my blog:) Oh, well, I felt like I made more:)