Friday, December 30, 2011

Considering sewing . . . . in 2012.

Dear Readers,

Well, in the spirit of the "New Year,"  I've compiled some sewing "to-do" lists for the New Years (in addition to starting Tony Horton's exercise program, P90X2), and for some reaons, I'm eager to get this post out in the blogosphere!

This year, I'm considering sewing:

(1)   A few pairs of bikini and boy short panties.  Status as of April 2012:  Fail, so far.
(2)   A bathing suit.  Status: Cancelled, for now, I just bought custom suits from North Shore Swimsuits (well, sorta custom).
(3)   A messenger bag and perhaps, a saddle bag or panniers.  Status:  Completed but not perfect.
(4)   Doggie clothing (rain coat and/or fleece).  Status:  Bought sale rain coats/need to make fleece.
(5)   J. Stern's Khaki pants pattern - Cut out pattern have not sewn.
(6)   Hot Patterns Moto Jacket - No work completed yet.
(7)   Sailor Playsuit from Wearing History - No work completed yet.
I am conflicted about this pattern (I myself am a retired Commander) - I am not going to make it as literal, I don't believe - perhaps a change of fabric will make a difference.

(8)    A shirt for Jonathan.  Update:  He wants a vest.
(9)    An outdoorsy clothing item for Jonathan.  Update:  He wants a jacket.
(10)  Maybe some bike shorts for Jonathan Status:  On hold, his knees are bothering him.
(11)  A cashmere jersey top from some luxurious cashmere silk I saw at Mood
(12)  A swim parka (for the drive home after swimming)
(13)  A corset
(14) A Decades of Style dress
(15) Perhaps try a modern quilt (I've quilted before but now as a garment sewer - it's very hard to go back).   Completed April 9th.

What a hefty list!  I am the type of person that always takes too much food at buffets too.

Why not shoot for the moon?  Even if I only make it to the top of the hills, it's upward and in the right direction.

I'd love to hear what everyone else is planning this year!

Please, do tell!


  1. "Why not shoot for the moon? Even if I only make it to the top of the hills, it's upward and in the right direction."

    I love that quote!! Happy New Year!

  2. Wow - that IS quite a list! I love what you've got planned! I'm just hoping to get the skinny jeans underway, then of course update my entire wardrobe, that's all.

  3. Debbie - Unfortuantely, I've never hit the moon - but sometime a high tree suffices (haha:)). Sister - I know - I bite off more than I can chew - I can't wait to see those skinny jeans on you - you have the perfect figure for them!

  4. Pammie! I couldn't figure out how to email you, but you mentioned the Stern jeans fly - I'm thinking of signing up for the jeans class at PR. Is that where you learned the fly? I couldn't remember if you did an in-person class with her or if it was online. Let me know what you think....Thanks!