Monday, April 9, 2012

Beach Quilt!

Dear readers,

I am an impatient quilter and am happy to be finished.  It was a beautiful day today (but cool) down at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura.  Since I have the day off - I headed down to take some pictures:

 The quilt is just sewn and remains unwashed.  Of course I did sew it using steam pressing (against my local quilt shop owner's wishes).  It should look even better when washed!
 I could have designed some abstract design on the back - but was simply too lazy:)
 If it was a bit warmer I could have stayed out all day.
 Wonderful breeze.
 Our little bridge connected the two beach state parks in Ventura.
 Close up of the straight line stitching.  Not perfect.  But I enjoy the imperfections.

The Bernina 430 is really as good as they say for quilting - a beautiful stitch.  I think the all metal insides make a big difference - especially in the bobbin.
Wow!  I wish I were in the water.  I'm a bit fatigued from a hike in the Santa Monica mountains yesterday.

P.S.  This was number 15 on my 2012 "to do" list.  I've since scratched two - three entries as my sewing needs have changed.


  1. It turned out beautiful! It really does remind me of the sea-side, for some reason. Lovely job. :)

  2. Thanks H!! I am super proud of my accomplishment - it actually feels great to have finished!

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors.

  4. Thanks!! I'm so happy to be done! Yes, I chose to do the quilt once I saw the fabrics . . . now onto more clothes!!

  5. Just gorgeous! You should be so proud!